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Event Trigger Analysis.... / Analyzing The Deep Past

So, the Infiniversal Routing Gem which I theorized about in the past (2006/2007).......was sensed, seen (in a rudimentary fashion), and perceived before I even knew how to verbalize about it? (*Recalls at 1990/1991*). 2nd grade........ . (*Recalls at Be*lamy Elementary School*)... . But what triggered the event? (*Recalls at Hallsboro, and the AMEZ 'church' spam*)... .

There was no witnessing anime back then for me...., not on channel U26...... . Me? I would draw starships, and futuristic worlds all day and every day as I withstood at the grueling gauntlet of fake school classes...... . (Realizes that since I have witnessed the 80's......likely way more than III decades have taken place..... . The calendars say III decades, but after so many reset events...., only the beings in the hyperdimensional overworld would know how much time has truly passed).

I think loneliness and despair....triggered it, that, and a immunological response at the sadistic bullying via mankind's old main religion. Yea. Loneliness and despair much like that I feel now....... . It was just like now.......... . Me? Not only did I know how to read, and write all along....., I also had ideas, dreams, goals, wishes about starships, advanced worlds, adventures, friendship, and technology...... . Yea, that, whilst I noted 'kids' that did not......look, feel, or seem.....(*shakes my head*)...(what's the word) alive, spiritually, emotionally, physically, or mentally.....alive...and "there"..... . Yea. Fake 'kids' that only tattled, made a lotta 'noise', and gave adults false validation for 'adult' 'supervision' by acting like complete morons. (*Nods*). Fake 'kids' with no dreams, no hopes, no goals, no prayers, no drive, no sense of responsibility, no sense of accountability, no love........ . Yea. I had no connection whatsoever back then with even one......'kid'. I didn't sense any potential from 'em'.... . Hmmmmmmm. Via empathy and telepathy, however rudimentary during the time, I could already tell 'adults' 'were' 'dangerous', I just didn't know adults were '*THAT*' dangerous, depraved, and wicked.... . My initial redpill event took place......back then (*reels as recalls at 1990 / 1991*), but I (figuratively) threw the redpill back up...... . And in the process, I sealed or had....sealed (due to shock).....vast vast vast quantities of my energy sensing / telepathic abilities.

That, and buried my head in as much Nintendo media and music as I could........(*cringes in shame*).... .

Mankind never eased my loneliness. My loneliness was actually a response at mankind.... . Even so, such is / was my pacifist nature...., I did not want to destroy mankind.....during that Infiniversal Routing Gem ejection process which was underway. I've only suffered since that decision, suffered in abject agony and misery. I now discern the enemy 'knew' at what happened, marked a 'total' 'idiot' at me....... .

(*Recalls at how the Christian minister freaked out as I cried about "throwing up" "Pluto", The Infiniversal Routing Gem. I witnessed him demanding me to 'hush' 'up'...as the entire realm went fluid, and reality quakes took place*).

All I have done is found the "why" and the "how".....in regard to what happened back then. That, and found that mankind is already destroyed, destroyed by mankind / 'from' 'within'..... . No true and living....lifeforms were within the void anyway, so by deactivating the Infiniversal Routing Gem........ I am not destroying anybody.... .

(*Thinks for a while*)..... . (*Listens to the winds......pulsing the mountainside, winds that speak of sadness*).

I need to resume that prior Infiniversal Routing Gem ejection process..... . Yea. The process which I only learned about through the latest dimension diving / fluid world events. Yea. Anime isn't salvation....., I don't even need to put my mind on that nonsense.... . I'd just witness the same old sadistic and suicidal bullies / demons / enemies with......'far' 'far' 'far' 'better' 'weapons' (ie 'hotter' 'chicks').

Hmmm. A moon or planet sized object (!!!!) O_O. Makes sense, since the time and space of every universe in existence is "routed" by it. Infinite scale energy generation (*nods*). Yea, I saw it in the past......., saw it decades ago....during that halted ejection process........... .

Hmmmmm. I need to think for a while.
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