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The Infiniversal Routing Moon / The Most Dense Object In Existence???

I feel called...to make this post..... .

I am certain of it now....? From observation and experience anyway.... .

The "Big Bang" was preceded by a structure, a mass.... . An.....eerie crystalline matter related "moon", "planetoid"...., or even planet...... . The most energized and massive object in existence......(which possibly has a mass of a galaxy....or multitude of galaxies....all condensed down to the size of a moon). An object which, when integrated....

no title

....by the organ systems the host, sends them on a voyage, a "sailing" (???) experience.....within the depths of their own being, mind, soul, and existence.... . (*Glances about this psionic world....., a realm comprised of thought, mental energy, and jumbled memories*).

The Infiniversal Routing Moon, the structure which prevents the forces of evil, the forces of the void, from poisoning and contaminating reality.

Yea. I'm remembering it now...... .

Just like I note the false and exodimensional fake 'Sailor' 'Moon' anime / anime world did not have *ANY* trace of (*blushingly inhales and sighs*) bounce and (*blushingly facepalm*)...ummm.....ripply motion capable...feminine and round bottom health traits, I also note the anime / anime world didn't have the coherence nor the data levels necessary to convey *ANY* truth.......about the means to victory at all evil...... . Yea. Instead I witnessed a gross facisimile that was basically an 'advertising' 'campaign' for gross men I never even considered in any manner (romantic or otherwise) whatsoever for even an instant......... .

Well, I give thanks that this day has come. I now have a ***TARGET***. I had been going around....in circles (albeit progressively) for over a decade. Now I know how to win. I must eject that moon-sized object perceived so long ago, and blast it with everything I have............... . That is how the trial will be concluded.

I get it. That moon-sized object is the vessel. (*Recalls at the hundreds of false and contaminated pseudouniverses I have witnessed; each horrifying, terrible, sickening, and godawful*).

Well, with that, I am done at mankind (subanime or anime). What I need now is a starship (larger than 400 miles in length if possible)....('no' 'Sailor' 'Moon' 'anime' ever mentioned that either). I need solitude.... . I need to reinitiate the ejection process.....free from interference. If this latest revelation means there is no dual-trialer, then I note mankind (subanime or anime) only akin to vexing and vicious mosquitos at the scope and scale of the process...... .

I'll pray about it.

Tags: infiniversal routing gem, infiniversal routing moon, revelations from the past
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