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Geez..... / 'Strange' 'Wolf' 'Dude'.........

K. I am kinda in shock.....? Ummmm... . Why am I noting a 'reference' at my earlier post???

(*Inhales and sighs*).

In other news, I need to report an event from earlier today.... .

I need to watch when and where I sleep....-_-..... . (*Sighs*).

So I woke....in some (???) location....noticing a 'dead' 'weight' at my chest. I could breathe (*gulps*)..., and thankfully I was also fully clothed. I opened my eyes... . Thankfully I was still noting a Negro dude grafted at me as usual...., because I witnessed a strange...strange....anime / toon looking 'red' 'wolf' sitting at my chest. A strange power was about him.... . His face didn't really give me any kind of emotion I could visually read (!?!??!!?!)..... . Did I even note eye to eye contact?????? Hmmmm. Well I tried to move, but everything seemed heavier than I remember (!?!?!?!)... . I tried to move, and made some progress............, but each time I would just find myself watching at him, the strange one, 'adjust' and keep sitting... . Why did I note him 'doggie' 'sitting' at my chest??? So, getting serious, I did a lifting motion and thus noted Mr. Mr. .....on the ground. Preparing to resume sleeping, I was like "!!!!!!!!" to only find myself noticing that 'weight' again, but this time noticing 'wolfy' 'feet' and a 'bushy' 'tail' at my chest. He was sitting / perched again! What was going on? Even then, I recalled at dude from DBS....

....., as well as recalling at Finky ands K*trino...... . Did I catch dude going for a 'sealing' at my abilities and energy? Theft at my energy and abilities??????? What was going on???????.

Getting even more serious, I got up, stood up, and released a surge wave which transformed the environment, aaaaaannnnd (!?!!!!!???!!!) (*chuckles*) landed squarely at dude (!!!!!!!). Dude became a withered old anime hag, a withered old anime crone, and one that was preaching at me (!!??!!!???!!). Me? My body pulsed with all sorts of wild colors, and, was a state of flux..... . I...urgh..(*cringes*)...noted some kinda toon / anime chick with orange or yellow hair....., a red dress, dark leggings, dress shoes / pumps, and fluctuating 'body' 'type' '/' 'age'....grafted at me..... . Lightning pulsed around me........ .

Just because I do not hate old Finky and K*trino doesn't mean I have to be friendly to em.... .

(*Recalls a later event......where I witnessed a 'fanfic' 'announcing' 'K*trino'...*). Dang.

Yea. No touching......Finky Finky and Ket.... . No grumpy 'tsundere' 'cuddletime'. Only Dawn, Nina, and hyperdimensional beings are welcome to cuddle next to me / cuddle me as I sleep (*feels my face burning red*). Yea.... . Only happy and limitlessly cute girls who enjoy life, love life, and truly love me.
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