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Loaded Grilled Cheese & Crunchy Golden Fries / Late Night Snack / Visited A Farm / Angel???

Me just had a late night meal =^_^=.

Ya. With fried tenders loaded grilled cheese sandwiches, and teh fries.

Hmmmm...... .

Yesterday was intriguing...... .

I spent the afternoon and evening noting 'neighbor' 'visits'...... .

I'm kinda worried.

Yea. Whilst sitting by my gemstone trays yesterday evening, I observed at Gerald.....in all seriousness....asking me if *I* was an "angel" (!?!????!!????)........ . Yea. I also caught at him saying how he respected (!!!) my adherence to my celibacy pledge......, and my life choices. I am worried? Has this house been emitting visible mana based lights of some type or something????? Is it a new feature of my Wings Of Love ability?

After that...I visited a farm. That farm visit turned into a medicine delivery event O_O...., whereby again I spectated another "angel" claim at my person / identity (!?!!??!?!).

Me? I'm baffled. I'm not an RP'er. I am not a fan of anime. Yet time and time again, I just can't hide (*sighs*) my mysterious link to monkeys..... . Maybe I need to hold giving my mana / prayer charged medicines.... . Maybe I need to hide my willingness to help........ . (*Ponders*).

Hmmm. Angels..... . For me, an angel is a beautiful little monkey =^_^= ~~~ who inspires hope, spreads limitless cheer, and sacrificially strives to protect and nurture. Yea. A holy being blessed with a miraculous and wonderful instinctual trait which can not be created, replicated, or replaced. That trait is freely and instinctually prioritizing the needs, safety, and wellbeing of others.... . Yea. A being that is humble, and yet possesses an idomitable will.....when it comes to protecting the innocent from evil ones. Yea. An angel is capable of love.... . They are free from the curse of solipsism, and seeing lifeforms do well....and thrive is an unrivaled experience of ecstasy.....for them.

While I aspire for angelic / divine / Goddess traits for the good they can do unto others, I wouldn't dare blaspheme and claim to be an angel.... . (*Inhales and pensively exhales*). Indeed. Be it gender or existential status, I'll let monkeys make the call about who and what I am (as it should be)...... .
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