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Exhilarating Freedom.....

Oh yea~!!!! I've been experiencing..........lateral epiphanies of sorts~ lately~. I'm shifting to the next state I need to be in, and it is UNIMPEDED. Since finding that.....I have.....NEVER 'LEFT' the realm(s) where I need to be (a life saving benefit of the Infiniversal Routing Gem method), the next step for me.........is the active PERCEPTION of the people WHO'VE BEEN AROUND ME ALL ALONG (!!!)!!! I've already discerned at 'the' 'lies' 'of' 'the' 'soul' 'bonding' 'community'. I'm SHOCKED, shocked to my core~.....at 'the' 'lies' 'which' 'antipreempted' 'antiat' my FUTURE~......, 'antipreempted' 'at' me as I EVEN WITNESSED '2007'!!! I've figured what is to come though~, ...I... *think* . Apparently, I noted 'liars'....'misinform' 'antiat' the basis of my recovery......, 'using' 'misinformation' 'at' the words "soul" "bonds". Basically, what is to come, is, I'll note THE REAL WORLD, bit by bit and day by day~, whilst noting 'once' 'king' 'like'.....'ghouls' '/' 'demons' ('and' 'their' 'false' 'localities').....'disappear'...... . 'They'll' 'disappear' 'and' 'take' 'their' ('literally') 'damned' 'money' 'and' 'nonsense' 'with' 'them' *shock wince*.... . My worry, is that I'll note 'them' 'flip' 'out'....., 'anticalling' 'false' 'economy' 'crashes' 'and' 'such' 'at' the initial moments of the transition~...I mention. I'd be SATISFIED with witnessing 'a' 'mental' 'ward' '/' 'institution'...during this transition period, and I think I note 'the' 'enemy' 'KNOWS' 'at' my feelings on the matter. Basically, the issue now, is WHEN do I see....family members~...walking about my environment (no 'soul' 'bond' 'stuff' applies, even though SOUL BOND matters *DO* apply)...., and CAN I SURVIVE the transition process. Me??? I'll keep looking about for the people whom I love and live for~.....during my daily walks. Since I note 'a' 'predictable' 'enemy', 'that' 'preemptively' 'states' 'misinformation' 'in' 'advance'........'at' SURE TO COME PHENOMENA ('using' 'sock' 'puppets' 'on' 'the' 'internet'), it's just a matter (too) of SURVIVAL IN THE MEANTIME~!!! I'll try to keep my spirits up, and try to tend to my morale~....... . I'll try to keep hope. Oh how I *pray* ~.......the transition period I mention~.......happens SOON, and FAST!!! I don't know how much longer I can TAKE witnessing 'this' 'loveless', 'soulless', 'meaningless' 'DEATH' 'SCAPE'....'which' I currently witness... .
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