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Metacognitive Superwave / Precognition / No 'Guests' Allowed

I've been tied up with mining more and more of these delicious and yummy reds.....


....as well as White and Clear Sa*phires. I'm literally going to rig some gemstone inlaid "armor" (*cackles*) for my half month length Japan trip around early December =^_^= ~~~......... .

Ever since getting the airplane ticket, a new kind of metacognitive awareness is present for me (*blinks*). I can feel my mind speeding up, and I can sense / perceive shifts in my thoughtwaves. Cool experiences have been taking place, whereby via fluid world events, I can "know" future events also. That brings me.....to my point......of today...... .

K. So, today, a fluid world event took place. I witnessed some old dude hollering angrily about anime (???), and noted some kind of 'falling' 'out' '/' 'discord' of his 'cult'. Dude freaked out, and launched a crushing sorcery assault 'blast' 'at' me.....from some kind of tower or fortification. I braced....myself as much as I could, and prepared to note a direct hit. I just blinked....as his attack was changed to a stale graham cracker (!?!???!?) that merely tapped at my forehead's energy field....before falling to the ground.

I walked forward....at the entrance of the cult base. What happened next, was me noting some kinda goth sorcery expert chick (*blinks*) quitting the cult, and tryna 'cozy' 'up' at me. The unknown chick was subanime, semi sorta 'thick' 'in' 'the' 'thighs'....


...., had shoulder length hair, perhaps a red top, a black skirt, and black net leggings...... . I was not interested, so I headed back home... . But upon reaching a midway point, I noticed that the odd one was still following at me.... . The strange one starting talking about moving in at my house (!?!?!?!?!!!!) (aw heck no!!!!!), thanking at me all the while, and declaring 'their' 'life' and 'recovery' (from weird substance abuse and weird sex stuff) were in my hands. As I reached my destination, I reached at the strange one's shoulders....in a defensive type manner, and said something like what I am going to say next..... .

This journal is not for the weak....... .

And I am not Jesus. I am not a 'redeemer'. I do not turn rancid and stinking trash into pristine and immaculate treasure. I'm not going to say what losers and failures 'wanna' 'hear'..... . I'm not going to say that life is easy, nor that everyone of mankind has a chance for happiness and success. I'm also not going to accept excuses for grotesque misbehavior, and unforgivable stupidity. Rationalizations and copouts are not accepted here.

Yea. This message is directed at the unknown chick I witnessed earlier.

I've addressed my vulnerabilities. Ain't no 'peak' 'subanime' 'hot' 'bod' in a 'tight' 'skirt'.....gonna even phase me these days. I kept calm earlier, but the next time I will launch dimension rattling blasts of cosmic energy...... .

Yea. All my prior offers of free gemstones and assistance / support are closed at mankind.... .

Yea. I won't dare pi** away the awesome resource of this gem mining house, my hyperdimensional resources, nor any ***PRECIOUS*** training time for some.....'chick' that only offers the same unwanted '_______' as the rest.... . I don't want the pathetic sex, I don't the phony compliments, nor any of the other trappings that the weak offer. I made it here to this shining mountain by staying to my beliefs, and that's how I am going to continue to live...... .

I ain't having any debased, disgusting, common, and deranged sl*ts stink up my shining sanctuary. Yea...., and I certainly won't let em sabotage this crucial era preceding my Japan trip.
Tags: house of gemstones, house of my dreams
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