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Sitting In The River (As Thunder Grumbles) / Elemental Sync Event / Vulnerabilities Status Update

After tending to the lawn for a while today (whereby I found that the apple tree has apples on the way (!!!!) =^_^=)...., I decided to cool down in the river..... .

I took my mining gear with me...figuring I may as well get some mining work done.

Sitting in the gemstone saturated silt zones of rhe river, a ***very*** eerie event happened..... . *O_O*. What felt like pulses of my energy went into the river water, and I felt (!!???!!!??!) a fluid world event about to take place....(*cringe*). A *Serena* level fluid world event O_O.... . Cosmic energy pathways of my body....flared with energy, and I gasped.... . I wanted to hide? I felt vulnerable..... . I felt nervous.... . Yea. How would I explain myself if I were to suddenly note Gerald walk up at the dock area???

It seemed like my worries caused the process to subside a bit..... .

Thunder clouds grumbled..... . I tried to put my mind on mining, and tried to get some work done, but winds......, heavy winds, cracks of lightning, and then rain.......moved in. Was it a surge event??? (*Gulps*). I made sure most of my found S*pphires were pocketed, and then headed to the shore...... .

Upon making my way back to the house and utterly coated with Mica, I felt nourished..... . Mining in the river is like having both a gemstone bath, and a gemstone meal (*hungrily licks lips*) (*exhales contentedly*). (*Yawns*).

Yea.... . I love living here. I do not know how any location in Japan could have more gemstones, whether variety or quantity, than this place *^_^*.


Okay. Vulnerabilities status update time. I can do it now?

Yea. 'Shoujo' 'Ai' is icky...... . (*Recalls at Shoujo Ai anime witnessed recently, ones like Akuma No Riddle and Valkyrie Drive*).

I'll explain.

Now that I am not projecting, I am prepared at 'anything' an anime world could throw at me.

If I were to note an anime XY chromosome type anime boy grafted at me, and were to....., upon returning "home" for the day, get....into bed and under the covers...only to find a 'naked' (*cringe*) anime XX chromosome type chick / stranger sleeping......., I would just calmly get up.....from the bed. Yea. No "steam" tooting from my ears, no 'bleeding' for my nose... . After getting up, the options would be either noting the "cops" "called"....(if I were undercover and maintaining cover), or......upon......heading to the front yard...........just blasting the entire house...... .

Ok. But what if I were to note an XX chromosome type anime specimen grafted at me, and I had to maintain cover whilst enduring at 'school'? Yea. And what if a "gym class locker room scenario" came up? T'would be no problem.....perhaps. I'm no fan of 'Haruka', but everything would be cool so long I wear school uniform pants...to school. Yea. I can handle the gym scenario. Upon entering the locker room, and on my way to a locker room stall...(for privacy and honor code reasons), I would not have my nose 'bleeds'....nor steam tooting from my ears....as I witnessed changing chicks via my peripheral vision. I would have no interest, and would actually be averting my eyes.....to avoid 'icky' 'views'. (Same as I did noting dude gyms / locker rooms IRL in the past).

Projecting aside, anime XX chromosome types don't have the angles, the looks.....necessary to make me get red in the face.....and swooned.

Now......if I were to see / be within a hyperdimensional being (*blushfully grins*) gym locker room.....that had gorgeous females (*blushes*) (*coughs*), I would be red in the face and flat on my back......fainted.....upon seeing ***ANY*** sign of lovely and curvy hips, immaculate thigh gaps, full and round bottoms, and their sooo cute...shyly glowing fingernails......*^_^* =^_^=. Yea. Fainted and purring contentedly =^_^= ~~~........... .
Tags: fluid world, life plans, self evaluation, surge storm
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