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The Startling Continuation Of Yesterday's Event....

I just got back in from being invited to dinner and chilling, but what happened earlier today still haunts me........ .

After going to bed sometime around sunrise...., I was utterly blasted into what seemed to definitively be a fluid world event (!!!!). After trying to collect my IRL ancient NES handheld system and cartridges....which were strewn all about a twisted and jumbled setting (which seemed to be some sort of vehicle interior that was far far larger than the interior of any roadbound vehicle I've seen within memory).......

........I noticed.....some trippy stuff. Such as totally transformed cartridge titles......as if even the titles of the cartridges went fluid. Amidst collecting items....I braced myself as I heard at a voice.... . (*Squints*). It was then....that I noted some strange old chick claiming at the ownership rights of all my crystals and gemstones from the house....... . Right as I was about to get upset and handle matters (*nods*)......, a huge fluid world wave pulse took place.... .

I soon found myself standing in a transforming library......., well, a place that briefly appeared....to be a library anyway. Glancing around, I observed at a subanime 'setting' that had subanime ones scattered about..... . I felt what felt like a spiritual "throwing up" sensation..., and then and there I was suddenly standing as Serena (!?!!??!??!?) wearing (!?!) bluish (???) shorts (*blinks*) and a top / blouse.......... . I was so startled...that my starlike form / remote viewing form popped from my body momentarily, whereby I confirmed my blue eyes (*gulps*), and my eyelashes (*blinks in a startled manner*). Upon briefly scanning the environment, I think I spotted at anime Rei Hino *or* beyond anime...Rei Hino (with long blackish / dark hair). Maybe Rei (???) was talking with somebody (with blonde or brown hair???).... .

I was overwhelmed, nervous, and needed privacy, so I raced for the restroom... . A restroom....(*cringes*)...... . Upon reaching the / a restroom, I froze in horrified shock (*cackles*) as I spotted at some old chick to the sink area, and even the feet of one occupying at the stall closest to the door..... . Yea, and upon hearing at some unpleasant noises of some atomic subanime entity handling 'their' 'business' (*reels in squeamishness*) (*nervously chortles*), I was like "awwee heck no!!". So I opened the bathroom door....only to witness a strange man (!?!!) and others standing and waiting about (*cringe*) whilst staring emotionlessly at me (!!?!!?). I closed the door....until...(!!!) a shift happened, a shift that had me standing in the bathroom whilst noting a 6'3 Negro graft.....again (oh no........). Yea, but seems my clothing (!?!?!) was all melting (!??!?!) and having issues forming / reforming (!?!?!). I heard at a noise..,, and then suddenly noted a subanime chick exiting a stall. I got squeamish. I decided to just flee, open the restroom door, and take my chances (even with wardrobe issues underway).... . Yea.....I was terrified at that chick..... . So I leapt from the restroom...., and then found myself fleeing the stall chick..... . Within moments....I saw the setting shift to an environment that was like vast white expanse (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Other things happened after I eventually woke up again, like me actually seemingly meeting a gospel musical group member (???) / mysterious being with wavy hair in a ponytail, and nose bridge freckles??? The being tried to greet me, and even shake my hand....(*gulps*) but I was stunned and in shock...... . The being seemed to be concerned, and possibly even experiencing heartache.....amidst speaking with (???) another (??) nearby entity about my response. I decided to take responsibility, and approached the mysterious being. After giving a head tilt gesture....., I walked aside with the gentle being and explained why I was so stunned (*blushes totally red*). (How well do you know me? Can you guess why I was so stunned and in shock beforehand? =^_^=). The being seemed truly innocent..., and responded with shyness and humility that startled me. Indeed. And I thank the mysterious being for their time and company.

The next shift experienced....after talking and chatting with the friendly mysterious being......involved me checking at a "Dragon Ball Super" outbreak.


Hmmmm. Interesting..... . The fluid world event......from river event was seeming "suspended" intil it could resume, and resume it did O_O. Wow.

Also interesting is that even after all my watching at anime this year, and even after all my racing videos, Serena events are the ***overwhelming*** majority.. . And I don't even watch the 'SM' anime..... . Why is my past so tied up with that??? (*Feels my fingernails glowing with the light of desperation*). By "that" I mean Serena related *real* history stuff (not the anime). It's like it is ***unstoppable***, and I'm just "riding the wave"......... . Well, I will not complain. So long as that Serena does not like men, does not like XX chromosome types, isn't some sex-crazed freakshow..., and strives to protect and nurture innocent kids......, I can live with it all......... .
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