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It's Pretty Awesome When.......

As soon as you come from your house door IRL......you hear at a dude go "What happened to you yesterday.....? That storm........".

That happened yesterday.

Yea. No embarrassing RP happens here. It's all real. (*Nods amidst analyzing the data of the most intense fluid world storms observed in the past*).

Also yesterday.....was a bunch of planning for the airport drive later this year. Oh, have I mentioned it yet? With *very* high spec glasses, as well as regenerative herbal medicines, I now note 20/50 vision (with the glasses on)..... . Even though I noted 'restrictions' for the 'driver's' 'license', I can even drive myself if need be.


Ummm. I just noted some disturbing stuff....... . Was it during a fluid world event??? Here is what happened.

I was sitting in a bed, and witnessing a strange 90's setting. On a desk across from the bed...an ancient IBM PC with a tiny screen appeared. And gazing upon / in that screen I noted (*facepalms*) Finky standing in a bedroom and wearing a black goth style dress..... . Next..it was as if my starlike form popped from my body and I was (!?!?!) hovering around at the Finky room. I noticed at (*worries*) Finky that was under white bed covers (with elbows up and possibly hands behind head)......and talking in a somewhat flirtatious and yet somewhat casual manner (???). (*Chuckles as recalls at the flirty makeup Finky had on*).

My starlike form landed back to my prior pov, and I still saw the ancient PC console and screen.... . I just sat in shock at the Finky visages. Why was that even happening??? I was utterly disoriented and in shock. Too, I was worried at the risk of a 'demon' 'gate' formed at the PC screen, and wanted to guard my possessions (which were.....strewn about..yet again). Yea. Something way way way beyond "Skype" was going on........ .

Just as I thought that, I witnessed an angry, short, hateful, and 'high' 'weight' (!?!?!) demon entity stomping at my location. As soon as I caught at the entity reaching and stealing at my black telescope, I grabbed onto the tube....and held on. What happened next was trippy. Twas like I was flying through a wind tunnel or something.... . Gathering energy onto my forehead in what seemed to be a horn like shape, I thrust my head forward....and thus witnessed the assailant lose it's grip and even go crashing.

Yea. I just can't change Finky 'obsessing' at me. I guess no words I say can or will change that. Yea. I can't change the jealousy, the drama, the stalking, or the 'obsessing' that 'defines' Finkster's 'behavior'. (*Facepalms and nervously laughs*). Finkles 'wants' to violate at the cosmic energy saturated gemstones. Finkles 'wants' to use at the black telescope... .

I guess what I need to do, is prepare myself as much as possible........for a permanent upcoming fluid world event / fluid world event shift. Can I *truly* resist an anime limits Finky? A pseudogoddess??
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