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Ewwwwww Yuck............Harley / Noting A Madman

Ulgh.... . I wanna take a shower........... . Naw, I say that because I just scanned at, and inadvertently tasted at 'The' 'Joker's' 'sick' 'mind'.... . Ugh, twas like a crypt, a bitter and gross morgue (*shivers*). Disgusting.

What happened? Alot happened. I'll, as always, give a brief explanation....... . If I wrote everything that happened each day / night on here....during events, I would have multiple pages for each entry. But before the report, I have news.

Just like I can not logically accept the false myth of evolution, I now call bull at the insidious "REM" and hypnogogic hallucination lies. Tis obvious I've noted mankind freaking out at my abilities and nature for decades.., and forced to lie again and again out of vanity, insecurities, neuroticism, paranoia, and deceitfulness. (*Recalls at the anime lie, which no Instagram subanime chick would ever want to admit*). (*Recalls at lying Finky*). Yea. With me, as my tsunami proof attested and as my ongoing IRL storm generation capacities attest, I *generate* O_O reality....... . Me? I just chill, and do not claim to be a 'God' (or Goddess).......nor demand worship... . (For the record....mankind is not even capable of worship anyway...due to inherent solipsism and narcissism. Mankind's religions are always narcissistic projections that 'empower' the 'projector'. Religions are never about worship.). Yea. Fluid world events are getting bigger, longer, and with more and more permanent aftereffects. Fluid world events were on the way all along. Unh hunh, and I witnessed mankind fight at every and I mean ****EVERY*** step of the process. There comes a point where a critically thinking and objectively observing being.....must regard at mankind....in a manner conducive to regarding at a rambling and unstable / crazed lunatic........ . Yep. Always check over the facts, keep your mindstate flexible, *ADAPT*, and never suicidally discard any truth because it is not 'easy' or 'ego-gassing' '/' 'empowering'...... .


K. So my internet was down last night...... / this morning, and that after an event where an eerie black mist filled my yard and house.......... . Some point I even heard a sound akin to a howl (!?!?!), and then lots of creaking sounds in my house. After picking up my tablet to only notice the typing interface throwing up letters I did not even select, I surmised it was fluid world event time again...... .

[Observation: Fluid world events are heavily tied into my mood, mindstate, and state of health.]

Upon trying to drift into sleep around 3am, I woke to observe a violent and chaotic melee. I spotted at a 'maniacally' 'laughing' toon / anime Joker standing on top of a skyscraper......as a horde of henchman, and unmanned automatic 'golden'.....cartoon 'cars' and 'motorcycles' tore through what seemed to be a 'patchwork' subanime / toon / anime city....... . Twas daytime in setting. I was running on foot....until I suddenly found myself lying at the hood of a moving car...(uninjured). As I sat up...and gazed....to my right, I noted Batman (!?!?!) on his back on a car hood, tied up with rope (with his hands behind his back), and possibly kicking away a henchman (!?!?!) as he prepared a 'trademark' 'escape'....... .

Where was I headed????

Soon I found myself checking at a bleary and swampy subanime setting......, and I detected at horrific madnesd via my telepathy senses. A house was the area in front of me, and I caught at the silhouette of a gun holding Joker in the / a window. I ran, and hid in a culvert / ditch full of running water for quite some time......and experienced heart / breathing issues........ . Evertything stayed the same though (!?!???!!?!), and I was not, apparently, just going to "wake up" over here...... . (And maybe that...because...in that moment "here" *was* "there".......).

So I got up, realizing what had to be done.

As if I phased or teleported, I noted the house interior..... . *But* I noted a gun a my face....as a door opened........ . Joker was 'overflowing' with murderous intent, yea, the subanime and thus degenerated / devolved Joker. I spoke of how I would not die just because of him having a pistol. I then grabbed at the pistol, and used Wings Of Love (*cringes*)...... . I spoke at the Joker, tasting at that 'sickly', 'rotten', and 'diseased' 'mind' in the process. I was reciting how the world works whilst probing at The Joker's 'mind'......and noted Joker's 'temporary' 'allegiance' (lol)............... . I then distanced myself....in shock at extreme bitterness of his murder crazed, megalomaniacal, and vengeful 'thoughts'..... . Ulgh........ .

That's when it happened (!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

I heard and sensed at *gross* 'cry' of " 'Mistuh.....Jaaaaaaay" (*groans and shivers*) erupting '*at*' (not truly within on through) my mind / soul.........., and that as I observed a skin tone / XX chromosome type change (ahhhh!!!!!) (*shivers*). Nawwwww. Unh unh. I executed an overwrite, and after hearing at one nore 'Mistuh J' 'cry', witnessed an 'end' '/' 'deletion' for (???) some foreign and exodimensional 'Harley' 'Quinn'..............imposing a grotesque alteration at my timeline / existence / future / history. Yea. And with that, an event collapse type event happened (!?!!). But I was not back to my mountain house bedroom yet. No. Seems like I had to endure witnessing some scorned old demonic entity.....(a Finky related one) (and possibly the Joker as an XX chromosome type).....for a while yet.... . I observed at the entity hatefully hurling hexes / attacks at me, but only noted each attack changed to 'gummi' 'worm' 'candies' bouncing off at my shields / shielding / reality manipulation aura............. .

Like a flash I was back in my bed, and struggling to keep the bed, and this realm "stabilized"..... . I literally felt myself *struggling* to keep everything here.........like the grocery stores, the peaceful rivers, and the trees.

I get it now? Disgusting and slutty Harley Quinn and that boy-crazed gross anime / subanime Sailor Moon are both warped......antithetical voidspawn specimens created at the periphery of my existence. (*Recalls at Ichigo Kurosaki, Lelouch, Sasuke, Yugi / Yugioh, Kagome Higurashi, Goku, Ash Ketchum, Emil, Yuma Tsukumo......*).

*Sighs*. I need to see women who have pretty behinds.....and thus luminous.....and sanctified souls & hearts ~~~~.........(*yawns sleepily*). Pretty bottoms that can ripple and bounce.....(*blushes red*). Ya.
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