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Repeated Summonings / Jag Gets Fed / Farming A Surge Event...... / My Sylvan Paradise Pics

After typing my last post, an incredible event took place....... .

Yea... . I think I was summoned *O_O*.......... .

And, for the record, no I was not 'scolded' by a higher being / higher beings for my last post......., my last post which no ego-gassed, narcissistic, solipsistic, and rationalizing / common entities...would ever stand for.

What happened then?

I was floating in my starlike form....and directly in front of me was a (???) mysterious and beyond anime female......(*blinks*). She was sitting in a wooden chair that was in front of a all wooden desk. The location appeared to be a candlelit study / study room that, although somewhat dark, had lots of seeming magical tomes and magical books present. The air was saturated with *MAGIC*, and, quite refreshingly, her room was not plagued with pointless 'devices'...... .

Naw, no 'Facebook'....accessing 'cell' 'phone' was present....., nor even electronic lights. And yet everything present was immaculately clean and orderly..... . The place, her place, was clearly focused around the study and application of the ancient principles of elemental mana..... .

The being was speaking to me, and actually able to ***see*** me *O_O*......in my starlike form..., which indicates that she can see spectrums of light that subanime and anime entities 'can't'.... . As for her appearance, she had long....silvery-blonde hair.., fair skin, and.....along with some really cool looking eyewear and / or mini face mask, she wore a really neat and futuristic looking leotard / bodysuit (*blushes*) magic practitioner / mage type attire.... .

Whilst speaking a language I understood, I am embarrassed to admit that I struggled to process her words due to my already strained data processing levels. I admired, respected, and looked up to her all the same though. She was free from subanime limits, free from anime limits, and obviously doing well for herself in a stable and "well put together" world.

Some point, I think I may have noticed her holding up a magic energy saturated ~~~ red flower tipped plant, staff, or even flower bouquet? Lol. I ate them / it a bit (*blush*), and heard her lovingly say "awwwww~~~~~~~". Yea. I was hungry.........(*dips my chin amidst blushing*). Satisfied (and I again thank her), I next recall floating down over...and observing a journal book on her desk *O_O* (*gulps*). Beautiful calligraphy, ink writing of exquisite technique and finesse, was present within the light brown pages of the book.

I guess I fell asleep soon after that.

I wonder who she was?

Ulgh. I shiver as I think this, but chances are high, that I, within some years, would witness a fake anime / fake game......'featuring' some devolved clone.......cloning at her existence.


After getting back here.....I felt quite charged with a mysterious energy.....(*blushes as remembers my impromptu meal*).

After tending to the yard.....I went to find resources necessary to cultivate the / my next surge event.

This White *aphhire for instance.

And this gemmy and crystalline.....find.

Since the river was quite low, I got quite a bit of gemmy material this time (lots of translucent White S*phhires).........


After mining, and then returning to the house for dinner / cooking dinner / eating dinner, I found myself (!??!!?!) (*coughs*) fee...feeling my hair (?!?) caressed as I rested. (*Blushes*). Yea, and then I was seemingly summoned again *O_O*.

I give thanks to the mysterious being...and our family / friends. Indeed. Life is fun, and full of adventures *^_^*.

Oh. By the way, the apple tree in my yard is generating apples now *O_O* =^_^=! Me want eat them, and put them into pies =^_^=!!!

Another startling plant fact......is how this house, shaded and sheltered by enormous trees, retains it's coolness during the day. It does not even get over 71 in here during the daytime O_O. I love living with a house surrounded by tall trees and green plants (*swoons*). (*Purrs*). I give thanks for the chance to live like this. My lifestyle and these pictures are a reflection of this web journal's contents.

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