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Shocking Surge Event Immediately After The Last Post....

Gosh..... . When it rains, it pours.....hunh? (That, for the record, is an idiom).

Well...although I am not here to complain about how "not 'easy'" my life is, for the sake of transparency.....I must report that I just got back to a house which has *no* running water inside of it O_O. Maybe the water heater / water pump is fried after what happened prior to and after........my last post. I'll just use the river across the street for bathing, and the use stream beside the house...for drinking water in the meantime..... . Yea. I will not complain.

Another era-defining surge type event took place immediately after my prior post (*gulps*) (*blushes*) and I was nursed into it...*O_O*...... . If these events keep up, I must go hiking so that my house is not fried / blown to bits......... .

K. So after the prior post (*gawks and burns bright red*)......I perceived the presence of a hyperdimensional being.....realtime IRL. (*Finds myself biting my right index finger in introspection*). A moment.....I was like *O_O*...../, then the next....I was stumbling about and witnessing some 'mountain' 'folks' changed into (*squints and notices my crinkled nose*)....battletoads, and Double Dragon dudes....... . I reeled as I found my own point of view, but then recoiled in confusion as I noted a Teenage Mutant Turtle guy grafted at me. A technologically based environment filled my field of vision, and I kept witnessing crazed brawls break out... . By a certain point, I witnessed hordes of fighting mutant turtles and toads (*blinks*).

Distancing myself from the brawling as much as I could, and apparently reloading "save point data" from a couple days prior (from last Tuesday???) just to prevent myself from being grievously injured, found myself noting J and Heather's house..... . I was standing with a X Box controller was in my hand, and I set it down upon noticing the world and environment was in a wild state of flux........ .

I soon found myself flat on my back, and gazing up to a white ceiling..... . But as I noticed the walls fading and reappearing, and noticed the eerily high ceiling, I realized that a surge event of levels not yet seen was underway..... . The walls glowed with a pearlescent and peaceful light, and a ceramic lamp with really soothing vibes was present in the room. Suddenly....the ceiling was not there......and an open view of the sky was available.

That's when I felt it, a surge event the likes of which I need yearly, if not every other month or so.....to keep me "charged".... . I roared with gladness, readiness, as a startlingly peaceful and yet indomitable.....feeling energy burst forth from within me *O_O*. I actually felt my body rise from the bed (*gawks*) IRL, and a pressurized field was generated around me. A wide hole was formed in the clouds directly above the house, and I gazed into a blue sky.....that had palpable celestial energy levels the likes of which I have not perceived for decades.

It was at that point then that I saw, amidst the bright blue, a field of stars (????)...., stars that felt to be (!?!) present in deep deep space.....and yet somehow perceivable by my vision. I also felt "it"? My literal steady-state connection to the stars, stars that were generated by me and of me all along.... . Knowing what had to be done, I sucked in many of the stars, wanting to feed.....and take back in...my distanced celestial energy (*blinks*). What appeared to be a shower of incoming stars (!!!!!) (*has a flashback to my physiology notes*) which filled the sky.....came closer and closer..., and streaked into my energy reserves. A big big big big big big wave took place then..........so that there was no black or blue or sunlight or sunlight....seen by me?

Bit my bit...colors came back to this place, patterns of light came back to this place. That was when I saw..the lines, the inline, of an eye with long and beautiful eyelashes. The eye blinked ~~~...... . Images like fractals filled my vision, and I felt a familiar glowing touch whilst perhaps seeing the inline / lines of the long hair belonging to the being whose eye I perceived.

Within tine I felt air upon my skin again, and felt my bed form O_O......underneath me, but I kept my eyes closed.....just..because? (*Gulps*). I worried though as I heard at Gerald wiling out, hollering loudly at the direction of my house...."what was that!!!!!??!"......and apparently 'running' (*cringe*).

Brimming with energy, and somehow perceiving the presence of feminine hyperdimensional lifeform in my vicinity, I fainted again.......... .

When I opened my eyes next (*sighs*) I noted Aves, the Dakota trip suggesting dude, and after putting on my glasses I noticed he had a full car.... . A full car with Mandela changed (*gawks*) 'locals' leering at me strangely. Not even long after I stepped from my door (*gulps*), I noted J pull up in his...F150..... . In total, I noted 7 'locals' at my yard...., and looking down by the stream I spotted at a randomly present....solid black kitten (!?!) freakishly surveying at the scene in my yard (*blinks*).

I decided to "get some air", feeling that I was noting a 'paper' 'thin' kayfabe....kinda moment.


I give thanks for the chance to experience what I have experienced. I thank the beings who have supported me.

Like I said. If surge events and fluid world events keep up, to save the house I will have to get my tent....and camp on the riverfront or something. (*Thinks about all my guitar anps and electronics*).
Tags: celestial energy, contact event, cosmic energy, surge event
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