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Midnight Baked Spaghetti Party / Midnight Bliss / Personality Is What Matters

I got some water....

......, made a snack......

......, and threw myself a little party =^_^= ~~~!!!

Yea, a party to celebrate the surge event of the other day, the surge event which has me feeling as if I am glowing "gold and white" (!!!!!).....through my daily life activities since Sunday ^_^.

House life here is peaceful, even blissful *^_^*. I was kinda shocked to note Gerald at the phone...yesterday though...., yea, and I noted him talking bout running a well water line over to the house *O_O*........ . Hunh..... . (*Blinks*).


(*Grins*). (*Blushes red*). (*Gasps as a kiss it felt (!!!!!!)*). (*Glances around the room*). (*Closes the tab to the song placed above*). So how am I feeling? I am (*gulps*) ready to experience daily life, even here, with a form.....that matches my personality and ideals...... . Yea ~~~.... . A form that can wear ~~ cool and fun summer clothes :P....... . I'm not freaking out, but I feel a deep sense of awareness regarding my situation. Amidst dimension diving, or possibly even fluid world events....since the other day, I keep noting fluctuations...whereby a moment I'll witness the Negro male change to a demonic dragonesque warbeast entity with a scary 'disembodied' 'voice'..., and then the next moment..I'll notice an equally inadequate and scary Caucasian or Negro.....XX chromosome type......grafted at me.... . To be forward, not even anime XX chromosome types....come even remotely close to generating, circulating, and storing a tidbit...of the energy I need. Energy like that encountered and wielded the other day..... . (*Thinks about the vital and secret truths of round bottoms and thigh gaps....., secrets which I have not and likely will not post online*). I do not know why I keep noting 'dumpy', 'stinky', and 'genderless' 'bodies' in a roulette type fashion....... . Is it for learning? Well, I'm ready for a real body. A body I can be myself in, and express myself with............ . I'm stoked about moving on =^_^= ~~~......... . (*Feels my fingernails glowing with hope*).

(*Coughs*). (*Blushes red*). I've learned some startling information *O_O*....... . Yea, information about the only emotionally, spiritually, and mentally stable beings I have ever encountered........ . Yea, and I've made a choice....based upon *that*. There is a level of being that is infinitely beyond anime (*inhales and sighs, just going ahead and saying it*) 'futanari' 'level'.... . A kind of being with a physiology and anatomy which anime 'futanari' does not even give a frame of reference to...... . These beings are the source beings which both XX and XY chromosome types are both '*EQUALLY*' 'incomplete' 'clones' at....., clones so incomplete (neutered) (genderless) there is no "reverse engineering" the source beings' physiology and anatomy from em..... . (They do not, for example, have gonads. But all the same they do not have the cold, silent, and 'gradually' 'disintegrating' 'pair' 'of' 'malformed' and 'tumorous' 'facsimiles' that are within XX chromosome types). Those beings are the real females which red pill does not apply to, and the real females, the real virtuous and wonderful "princesses"......'blue' 'pill' beta dudes can't ever meet..... . Those beings are the mysterious beings with the personalities I fell in love with (*blush*) (*recalls the Starry Maiden contact event from last year*)...... . After falling in love with their personalities......I found that these mysterious beings beings also happened to have the feminine and hips generated thigh gaps (*blushes red*), the healthy chests, the tapering torsos, the sleek waists, the petite shoulders, the full-sized vibrantly colorful eyes, and the round.....jiggly...and bouncy bottom health features which haunt my memories....... . Bodies apparently physiognomically *consummate* to their radiant personalities, radiant spiritual traits, and deep emotions. Yea..... . That said (*burns shyly red*), I want a girlfriend ~~~~.…...... . (*Cackles as hears a mysterious and cheerful voice reply....aloud..........(!!!!)*). A girlfriend of the kind I am referring to. Indeed. (*Nods*). Before I even found the startling and totally unexpected truths about the bodies / physiology of the beings who contacted me, I had already loved them, and loved them for their warm, caring, and awe-inspiringly loving personalities........ . My feelings for them thus......don't change.......(*blushes red with shyness*) just because of..um...a certain (*coughs*) unexpected "trait" about their bodies. A "trait" that is usually in a dormant and fully retracted state anyway.......(*burns totally red*) (*facepalms with shyness*). I hope my point in this last paragraph........is clear............ .

I give thanks for all the support and assistance I've been shown. Everything makes since to me now, from my repulsion at that anime Mamoru dude, to my squeamishness, dread, and terror at the prospect of being 'permanently' 'trapped' within anime Usagi's neutered XX chromosome type 'body'.
Tags: cooking, food, house of fun, life lessons, life plans, party, physiognomy
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