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Wildly Awesome Study Opportunities...........

I just got back in from chilling and noting J's. I had fun, and had a rest from cooking and stuff. Also did some laundry.

The other day whilst visiting.....I verbally revealed quite a bit of information about my dimension flux events and experimentation. That amidst noting a juvenile that 'has' 'repeatedly' 'seen' 'at' and 'regularly' 'speaks' 'of' my IRL abilities in action. Dude was 'pleading' 'at' me to (*blinks*) make him anime......O_O........... . Thing is, I have already witnessed his anime XX chromosome type form last week during a fluid world event......, and many other times before that..........(although I have kept that a secret). Actually, studying at the juvenile in 2016, I noted him having 'gender' 'dysphoria' issues.......quite a bit before I even witnessed his "high anime" 'form'.......... .

Tis a lucky occurence that I note he doesn't have internet access......, and does not spout any of that 'kin' dogma. That 'kin' stuff is really stupid, and just 'parroted' 'herdthink' that distorts at the real issue and the real implications....... . Studying at this juvenile that is isolated from the ridiculous 'kin' dogma confirms so many of my notes, and so many of my theories.

Hmmmmm??? The juvenile's anime form? I usually witness a 'busty' / 'leggy' high teens to lower twenties 'blonde' 'magus'......with long straight hair, and anime level blue eyes. A 'magus' not really specific to any particular anime *I've* ever witnessed, and a 'magus' that 'harbors' a 'crush' at me.....(*shrugs*) (I always run away from the 'advances'). The juvenile seems to '*HATE*' changing back to a sickly subanime XY chromosome type...........(*worries*).

Heh. I constantly observe the juvenile claiming to want go to Japan with me this Autumn........... .

Looks like I've already bypassed the paranoid and reclusive 'net' 'haters' on those 'kin' 'forums', and even had my study goals met anyway *O_O*. Doing it from the ground up too........ .

Looks like everyone I've ever witnessed during my days here......got some ****** up 'gender' and 'identity' 'stuff' going on..... . That said, it looks like what makes me different, too, is my awareness / consciousness level and the consequent objectivity made possible by it. I'm not claiming to be trans, nor claiming "Multiple Identity Disorder"...., nor taking up the 'kin' dogma / religion....... . I observe at the chaos from a safe distance, make statements based upon observations, and try to maintain my overall inner peace / inner freedom from negativity. I'm glad I found this stuff now, and did not find myself to be some oblivious idiot guy in an anime world.....obliviously kissing some 'giggly' 'and' 'bubbly' anime chick......that was a depressed subanime dude.......days before (*shivers*) (*gags*).

I give thanks for the chance to know what I know....now (*prays in thanksgiving*).

It seems witnessing anime is actually just a matter of physics, not art..... .
Tags: anime, studying at mankind, subanime, time and space phenomena
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