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Hmmmmm............ / A Quick Notation

Hmmmmmmmm........ .


I don't get the 'comment' 'section' hate...... .

I mean, while I do not approve of digital facsimiles, a subanime beta male doesn't have ***ANY*** good options anyway....... .

What? Should a "fall back option" beta male just offer up all his money / all his swag to some STD addled loser / goon......that would dump him / rationalize reasons to dump him.....upon finding a 'bigger' 'better' 'deal'..........?

Should a newlywed bluepill beta male have to limp to teh herusu kuriniku / clinic for the wee wee meds.....after inadvertently discovering a subanime spouse's prior indiscretions? Should he sanctimoniously gobble up the stinky rationalization hamster excuses spat out by a busted and exposed deceitful subanime spouse?

*Shakes my head*.

I gotta just be witnessing insecure ones irritably venting insecurities.... .

Yea. Dudes are not going to find naturally chaste, naturally virtuous, emotionally pure, and spiritually innocent love interests....who are capable of love anyway. I'm not going to mock those shortie beta dudes wedding virtual anime chicks.

I will not be joining em though. Digital facsimiles won't give me what I need.... . My empathy and telepathy allow me to taste love, taste unbridled and passionate attraction..... . I unexpectedly can taste the passionate, yearning......., limitlessly desiring (*gulps hungrily*), and hungrily burning......emotions flow within the racing hearts....the souls......of the mysterious cosmic beings who watch over and cuddle *O_O* =^_^= me...... . Oh, and I'm voluntarily celibate too *^_^*...., choosing to focus my life energy on what can be done to make others' lives brighter / happier / safer.

My worry though? I dread at a counteractive 'revolution'....that would spawn fake "pro-virginity" and "fashionable virginity" trends amongst subanime and even anime XX chromosome types. Deceitful trends. Trends that would *only* be born as disingenuous and vain......means to overcompensate and compete with VR anime competition....(and thus are *not* generated of genuine purity, genuine class, genuine dignity, genuine cognizance, genuine humanity, genuine sanity, genuine intelligence, genuine wisdom, genuine piety, genuine nobility)..... . Yea, a 'revolution' that includes banning porn, premarital sex, promiscuity, abortions, prostitution, alcohol, and all that 'stuff'......I get upset at / see red at.....would be troublesome........ . (Yea, for what if my memory slips again?). (Yea, along with my empathy and telepathy going dormant.....).

[*LUCKILY* I skipped over witnessing a Victorian era.....wherein sluttiness is punished / ostracized....... . Makes work quicker for me......to witness all the nastiness exposed (*feels my eyes burning red with judgment*) (*recalls my planetary IRL events of the past*)].

Hmmm. I thank the beings who watch over me for showing me what love is (*blush*). Thank you for saving me from a cold fate like that of those betas (*shivers*), damaged cucks, and incels.
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