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Nutrient Flooding / Blissful Sunday Dinner / Guitar Bliss Part II

Oh my..... . Oh wow..... . *Incredible* (*gawks*) *O.O*!!!!

*Cues the music*.

*Burns totally and blushfully red*....... .

Looks like my nutrient flooding plan from yesterday worked O_O!!!!!

Ok, before I explain what just happened after the last post..., time for a quick cooking rundown and pics.


Yesterday, I got to craving for some *peas*.......(*swoons*).., yummy and succulent peas that pop. Mmmmmmm~~~ (*licks lips*). So I decided to do a nutrient loading Shepard's Pie session......, and that since I usually....only eat a single medium sized to large sized meal a day....... .

So I hand sliced carrots, onions, celery, green bell peppers into teh pan..... . Me put just a bit of butter in for the sauté action. Spices went in too..... .

Me spilled da peas into dah fryin pan *^_^*.

Then me put in some of that yum yum :P!

After draining the fresh sliced boiled taters, tis the mashing, spice, and butter time....

After slow simmering the frying pan contents with gravy.........

*EAT* *IT* *ALL*.....*^_^*!!!! Eat everything in sight *^_^*!!!

After a day of playing electric acoustic guitar and homestyle cozy litanies to spark my abilities, I was in ecstasy.....to eat such food, and oh so thankful. I give thanks for the chance to enjoy and savor yesterday's Sunday dinner (*gulps hungrily to the enjoyable memory*).


So the nutrient loading plan took it's effects after my last post (*blush*).... . I was lying on my back in bed..., and thinking about what I said in the post..... .

"My abilities are growing....., and they are showing me that this world is....and has been fluid all along...... . I can accept this truth....because I do not have to deny that I can witness monsters.. .

I can see what is coming......now..... ."

Yea.......... . I said how I do not have to employ the deception of fake science nor other religions like Christianity...in the way of a cowardly juvenile.....that does not face at the 'monsters' in his 'closet'... . I don't have to use science in the way that a juvenile...pulls a blankie over his eyes when the monsters come knocking. I stated how my mind does not 'break' at the truth........... . That was when I felt a kiss (!!!!), a succulent kiss from soft and warm...plush lips.......(*coughs and goes red*). Woa, a black expanse event flashed. Blip blup..., everything all black, but with a *GORGEOUS* female on m...my lap (*gulps*) clearly visible. Then like blip blup, I perceived my bed again, but I was hungry ~~~~~~ (*blushes red*). Then another black expanse flash happened, and I saw the mysterious being again, and was able (!!!) to identify the being as "all grown up" Tori / Kotori / Nina Wyndia..(*gawks*) with a beautiful long hair bang hairstyle..,., lush green hair, beautifully reddish and plush lips, and wearing a *O_O* (red?) body dress....filled VI ways to Sunday....and in all the right places (*gulps in shock and awe*)......... . It is *a* thing to see a woman who has a very pretty face, just so pretty. But is it another thing....altogether when you see that she has an awesome body....(*grins blushfully.., feeling hope race in my heart*), a miraculous body...... . What happened next? (*Gasps as I feel a caress here IRL*). The black expanse blips sped up, and with each kiss...it was like an immeasurable and even galactic scale infusion of magic energy was freely being given to me.......... . (Thank you ~~~~). Yea, as embarrassed as I am to admit it, and as apologetic as I am to Tori / Nina to admit it, I got *EXACTLY* what I needed.....(*facepalms*)....from her loving, soft, warm kisses..(*swoons as remembers her plush feeling lips%) (*facepalms*)..each backed with her delicate and vulnerable feelings of care for me. I'm supposed to be celibate, right? But I can't deny it..... . Wouldn't be fair to her to deny it............ . (*Sighs with a bit of worry*).. . Wouldn't be fair to deny that I needed her kisses.... . Those kisses were just so good, so deep, so rich, so full of nourishing love, I fainted......... . i came back to...to perceive another kiss, and fainted again....... .

When I opened my eyes after fainting for who knows what consecutive time, a fluid world event, and a surge event took place simultaneously.... . I was like..."oh yea~, here we go~~~!!!!" and got ready to unleash my energy. The walls of my room had turned white, the ceiling took on a vaulted look again....., and those mysterioud wall fixtures / lights were back.... . Feeling energy rise within me, I made it a point to attempt flight, so I *roared*......and felt the room quake as an energy field manifested around me... . The walls went fluid a bit, and I actually felt a bit of control for my wild and roaring energy field.... . I felt my body lift a bit, and my cry seemingly echoed across the entire planet...... . But something happened, and everything slipped into a wild and fluid state that eventually, after many trippy scenes, lead to a worldwide reset...... .

When I woke again, I heard at the phone. I was feeling suspicion, but got up to answer it anyway. Suspicion confirmed. I noted J calling, and noted him strangely mentioning cancelling his week long vacation (I was going to use the time to do house work)..., and then (????) offer at me an all expenses paid week long m*ning trip a couple counties over. Unh unh. No coincidence..... . I had to come up with a IRL cover reason to say "maybe next year". Just what happened today? Did I see Nina *in* *here* by chance during that black expanse visual blip, or was that a visual from topside?

In any case, I thank Nina and our family members (*blushes red*). (*Sigh*). Do I really need a beautiful girlfriend, so pretty, so nice, so caring, so sweet.....(*feels flutters in my stomach*) that mu..muc.much??? Why do I need love? Why does it feel so comfortable for me to be loved so? I mean..., I really am..trying to be a celibate and responsible kind of person......... . (*Rubs my face in swooned manner*). I mean, those kisses..*O_O*.... . Those were *serious*.........(*blushingly chin dips*). Oh wow. I am mind-blown.... . And she *loved* me...., I wasn't some ego validation 'tool', nor 'status' 'accessory' to her.... . Oh wow, what a woman.....*O_O*...(*feels my toenails glowing in shock*). A true friend. (*Plays the song heard mentally in my head, the listled 'title' not having any bearing....but rather the music*).

(*Gulps hungrily*). Why is she feeding me?

I wanna see her again~~~...... . She's awesome..... . (*Swoons*).
Tags: contact event, cooking, empathic kiss, fluid world event, food, nina, nourishment, surge event
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