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The Pursuit Of Wisdom Is Neverending............. / Wisdom Is No Less Important Than Intelligence...


"Perhaps chivalric notions were created to protect MEN from the sanity-blasting reality of women’s Lovecraftian desires and nature? Enabled them to think of women as sweet and fragile damsels, and thus pair-bond with them…

… rather than looking at them and thinking “what horrific darkness is screaming and chortling behind those clear blue eyes?”"



I note commenter dude misses the 'forest' for the 'trees' though. *ALL* of mankind's religions, all of his 'cultures', all of his 'beliefs'....are / were but a disingenuous and crazed facade of denial at obvious and observable truths. Denial at truths man cannot process...., handle, or comprehend. Dementia 'fueled' denial at truths which are not 'empowering'......./ 'convenient'.


(*Recalls at Finky Finky*). (*Wonders if I note old Finkster is back to licking some stereotypical subanime or anime.....domineering alpha male's / males' boots like a weakling slavebeast is supposed to*). (Finky prolly back to swilling the easy delusions....., and maybe even gone full Christian? I dunno).

Hmmmmmm .

"If Dr. Lieberman is only partially correct, the minds of women are the deepest, darkest dungeons ever devised and the fact that those creatures are responsible for bearing (and raising !!!!) our young is the cruelest joke this side of a Black Widow cocooning her mate as food for her young."

Yet again, I note the 'same'. Field observation gives an answer...... . Yes, and that each and every time. XX chromosome types are a blatant antithesis at what a mother is, should be, and does. No actual child should even be exposed to a XX chromosome type. However, it takes a mind that utilizes repeated observations and has no ego attachments, aka objectivity, to state such.

Hmmmmmm......... .


Just remember, game is a trap...... . Seek real women, hyperdimensional women......., rather than loser 'cave' 'beast' '/' 'loveless' 'insectoid' 'facsimiles'. Yea. XX chromosome types are loveless, genderless, and viral entities....that do what viruses do.......: mindlessly, lovelessly, and senselessly replicate.
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