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This Journal Is For Monkeys Only.........

I just witnessed a terrible battle lol......:P.

Jeez....... .

Finky or some enemy read at this journal *again*? (*Facepalms*).

Hmmmm...... . What to do......... . (*Ponders*).

Well......I will not apologize to the enemies. This blog, this journal, is my "gym". It is where I let my hair down, train, and strive for no less than ultimate wisdom and ultimate knowledge.

Only hyperdimensional wayfarers, the chosen, monkeys.......(with those deep, cogent, and cognizant eyes) are welcome here.

(But I think it must remain accessible through search engines.....until my abilities stabilize and / or.....the Japan trip takes place though).

I make no demands here..... . XIII years ago when this blog was made, I witnessed horrible opponents as I stumbled through life. I was disoriented, confused, scared, lonely, in tremendous pain, and it was like my mind was in "fragments" or something. But through this blog......I pulled myself up to living a kind of lifestyle which I had always dreamed of *back* *then*.... .

A mountain paradise lifestyle where I have as many soul-supporting g*mstones as I want...all day every day. Indeed, and that within a house which is near the botanical garden / lakeside city zone which excited me so....XIV years ago.




What I posted earlier was not about vengeance, it was not about a vendetta, and it was not about scorn / hatred. I was writing down the distilled information of many many observations, studying and identifying at threats, and doing my utmost to address key vulnerabilities of *mine*.

All in the hope of someday....being the person I need to be.

Me? I want to be on a starship....., *NEED* to be on a starship, and *REQUIRE* a cosmic ark......all to myself... . And since my mind generates the environment / resources in here, that means I must *TRAIN* *MY* MIND.

That includes facing unexpected truths, seeking accurate and concise judgments, and modifying my lifestyle and behaviors accordingly.

To achieve my dreams.........I must have no attachment.....to the type of enemies that surgically attacked at my naive and love-filled nature...... . Indeed, the kind of enemies which I was *ABSOLUTELY* *NAIVE* at........ . Enemies like Finky. (*Recalls how I went through *so* *much* pain.....on account of holding back on my cosmic blast wave XIII years ago*). When my ark arrives, I must not share it with mankind. I must *mentally* be to a point where I am not willing to share it with even one of mankind....... .

Yea. I need wisdom........ .

So that said, I give no apologies to the offended ones (*blinks......as remembers how I used to always apologize........a decade or so ago*). But I will apologize to the people who have supported me. I apologize for taking so long, and I apologize for having to have had my face down in the mud......to come to my senses....... . I was disorientedly casting my idealistic expectations in the past, but now my head, my confusion, is "clearing up".
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