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A New Musical Training Mission: Infinite Chord Style......... / The Naming Of Hyperius

I have admittedly been quite occupied in the last month....... .

I have been m*ning facet level / jeweler's level reds in an attempt to undergo another explosive awakening regarding my abilities..... .

If not for my heart condition.....I would likely have an amount of the above reds that would fill a gallon jug. My abilities apparently enable me to both track down veins, as well as *manifest* the g*msones wherever I want locally.....via mentally directed fluid world events....... .

After picking more reds yesterday, and then noting dinner to J and H's place, I had a deep and major epiphany last night. (Was it fueled by the g*mstones?). It was like I, amidst some strain, went *lucid*, *HERE*, and discovered means to unlock new abilities for myself..*O_O*. That...as torrents of energy coursed through me..... .


[This section is for me. No intruders / voyeurs are welcome].

I now understand a message, a key, I was given as I witnessed 1999. Much happened back then, including my initial vision regarding my cosmic control capacities....., and my acquisition of my initial guitar (*cringes as recalls that grueling summer, and the meager Bojangles 'pay'*).

I remember that guitar, and I remember 'standard' 'tuning' not feeling right for me...., . I also recall how I struggled to have a chance to play / train / cultivate skills due witnessing druggie payrent / crack dealing gramps dramas....

Only much later, as I noted 2003 / 2004.......and *some* manner of refuge from thug niggas did I awaken the data processing capacities / lucidity to realize that there are *OPTIONS* in regard to tunings. And that after acquiring my initial mandolin..........and making many recordings.

After moving on from noting college though, I witnessed dem niggas again...(*sighs*), and had put any and all guitar / music training on hold as I learned and faced many lessons / truths by way of pain.... .

Fast forwarding to II years ago, I managed to, amidst g*m m*ning, learn to use my ring and pinky fingers....on classical guitar. That, and find comfort in a new tuning that fit my personality and playing style.

And now, as of today, I have found a new style, a new way, to surpass what has been a "wall" in my development, as well as the development of new abilities for me. Please give close attention Jag....... .

So as of yet...., I, when playing stringed instruments, largely used a single string or just a pair of strings, and mainly played / slid up and down the neck. So, if taking in account II strings and XXI frets, I had memorized any given time......XXXXII notes...... .

Through playing NES themes though, a new technique was learned by me, whereby I would hop strings for arpeggios.

Last night though, I realized that the next frontier, and the key to actualizing the message (and the secret song) I received so many years ago......is learning to play the fretboard horizontally.....(with notes ascending as you head from the index finger to the pinkie finger)......, and that whilst not forgetting how to play it vertically (from the top of the neck toward the neck joint and from the neck joint to the top of the neck) as I have been.

With that revelation.........

.....the name, the word......Hyperius came to me, and my initial acoustic guitar in this place was thus named.....(*prays in thanksgiving*).

So I had been playing the guitar like a slide instrument.....(*blinks*), but now I am going to learn to play it like an organ which has multiple stories of keys (played from left to right and right to left). I do not know how I know this, but learning this new style is going to open up some wild new abilities for me.... .

I give thanks for all the blessings and chances to learn which I have been given.
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