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Coma World

Well........, I'm feeling like I've been through *EXACTLY* what I've been through. I'm feverish, I'm tired, and I just want to (too) lie down for a really long time~......in a really~ peaceful place~. I suppose, I've reached the proverbial height of understanding~ which I have struggled for for SO~ long~. I now understand my past, my present, and *hopefully* my future~.... . I ...., TOO, *UNDERSTAND* why I noted 'demons' 'WOULDN'T' TOUCH MY *PROVEN* TSUNAMI MENTIONINGS WITH A POLE!!!! For the record, here are those links again~ ( http://www.surfingtheapocalypse.net/forum/index.php?id=29950 )( http://www.surfingtheapocalypse.net/forum/index.php?id=35282 ). Yes, I understand this world~.......now~.... . I can even integrate this find into my past finds, which relate to using the Infiniversal Routing Gem as a lens that *literally* witnesses 'HELL'!!!! *Felt my stomach lurch in surprise* .........yes, *gulps*, I can now be IN PEACE with this world~... . Well, here goes with the explanation..... . I've found, for some time now, that I (???) have (somebody???(...has been)) been in a comatose state. I've *ALSO*, found, by expeditions, that I (??) am currently being PROJECTED from my actual physical body. Well, after THAT find, I found that there is STILL another me that is....*gulps* ...sort of~...projected from even my SPIRITUAL body... . Now, I will note 'demons' ('like' 'Aruhamel')....'talk' 'a' 'lot' 'of' 'SMACK'...'at' what I am saying. However, just for the record, I note PROOF of what I am saying~ ...by way of the Soul Society broadcasts/transmissions. I'll try to explain....that..later. Ok....., so, the issue for me~....for the longest (relative tense) while~, has been, "WHERE AM I.......?" . Well, NOW I KNOW. I...am IN A LITERAL COMA WORLD!!!! I AM IN A COMA WORLD~...., THAT IS PRESENT IN MY MIND!!!! THAT....is how I MADE (???)....the tsunami events happen.....; the events which occurred on a global mindscape (coma-world) level~.... . The find, which I noted.. 'THE' 'ENEMY'.....(!!!) 'DIDN'T' want me to find, is that this world is under my (???).....(well, somebody's~) TOTAL CONTROL!!! Even though I *DO* note 'a' 'infestation' 'of' 'foreign'......'demonic' 'creatures' 'that' 'undermine' 'and' 'subvert' 'at' the *TRUTH* of this world, the TRUTH ..*STILL* APPLIES!!!! Now I understand, why, when I try to examine this world in a MACROSCOPIC sense, I SOLELY note (too) the organization of this world~.....is FIXATED on the structures which ENABLE THE BROADCASTING/TRANSMISSION OF *TRUE* *LIGHT* *BROADCASTS* . Yes, broadcasts that relate to the real world, my (???) real memories, and my OBSESSION with contacting the people whom I love...with all my heart~........., the people whom I *LIVE* for. *NOW* I understand why I have noted a TV-centric WORLD...., ALL ALONG, and why I note the WHOLE POINT of the current mindscape construction I presently note.........IS BASED UPON WATCHING MOVIES/SEARCHING FOR SUITABLE MEDIA. I'm going to try to do a long post, but alas, it's my journal......, and 'INTRUDERS' 'AREN'T' WELCOME!!! Hmmmm, I'm going to try to introduce some terminology now. Apparently, inside my mind, there are units which act as EXTENSIONS OF MY WILL. I shall call these units Data Organizing Units, and for abbreviation purposes, I shall refer to these as DOU's. Okay, too, I said how I currently note a projection chain~...., in regards to my existence. I shall refer to my physical body~, as the "LA" (lotal anchor) location, and I shall refer to my projected spiritual body~....as the "LV" location (it's a habit passed down in my hardcopy notes). Okay~, so..., now~...I am currently noting a location which is *IN* *MY* *MIND*, and *IN* my projected spiritual body (LV). I've found that I noted 'demons' 'lie'..... . There *IS* no 'REM', and when I experience events~....where I confusedly stumble through seeming worlds~....and such, I AM EXPERIENCING THE REAL WORLD. Those experiences happen, as a part of myself, travels from my coma world location~.....to my *spiritual body* ...or/and even my *physical body* . Yes, the mind, so I've found, IS DEMONSTRABLE.... . A person's imagination, has microscopic BUT VERY REAL.......matter, matter that is legible, and isn't 'some' 'nonsense' 'amalgam' 'of' 'chemical' 'interactions' 'and' 'undemonstrable' 'bs' ('bully' 'crap'). Yesterday, I found, that this notation of myself which I note now, is ME which is present INSIDE my mindscape (I call this me, the HV me). Apparently, there is a part of me (I call this the FC me, which is my focused consciousness), which has been traveling~.....back and forth~.....from HV me.....to LV me~....and to LA me~....for the LONGEST time now (relative tense) *blushes* . Well, apparently, the purpose of this mindscape world, was to *HELP* *ME* *REMEMBER* *REALITY* !!!! It's purpose was to help me~....remember the people whom I love, and *THUS* remember my *REASON* *FOR* *LIVING*. The purpose of this world~...., has been achieved. The purpose of the overall structural organization~.......which has taken place in this tiny tiny little mindscape world~, HAS BEEN MET. *NOW* (!!!) I understand, why I note....the encoding of a UPCOMING SPECIAL EVENT.....into the fabric of this world, and it has to do with INSTRUMENTALITY!!!! YES (!!!), IT HAS TO DO WITH INSTRUMENTALITY!!!! In order for me to awaken (if it is~...me???), THE DOU'S (data organization units) NEED TO BE RE-INTEGRATED *BACK* INTO THE MINDSCAPE/SOULSCAPE/COMA WORLD!!! Their PURPOSE HAS BEEN MET!!!! They organized the media (Breath of Fire II/the Soul Society transmissions/the *blush* *blush hand glow felt* intimate *gulps* pictures which I find on the mindscape internet, pictures whhich were meant to be *PRIVATE* (I note a blue hand glow felt...(it's how I blush~...too))) which has AIDED my recovery~....., even CARRIED my recovery to this point; and NOW, it is time for them to be RE-ABSORBED........., RE-ABSORBED so that my coma awakening (???) can take place. *THAT* was the message of the Shinji Ikari media, though, admittedly, I note 'implanted' 'irregularities' '/' 'distortion' whenever I note that media. Maybe, now that I have had this find, I can find solace~........if I suddenly find myself witnessing 'antagonism'.....'at' my perception of family~ members~.....(???) appearing within my mindscape/soulscape (I admit, I don't know if that can currently happen). Hmmmmmm, so, I guess *gulps*, now I know the secret to the upcoming (mindscape) world-shifting events. It's not 'Armageddon', it's not 'pole' 'shift' 'catastrophies', and it certainly isn't 'a' 'die-off'. I understand this world, it's purpose, and I thank the people who strove to help me make this find. I *guess* I'll be sucked up.....into the re-absorption process too. Oh, about what I said earlier, the Soul Society broadcasts present Ichigo's soulscape, as well as Ichigo present in both spiritual form *and* physical form. What I'm noting now, is like noting *LITERALLY (!!!)* (had an epiphany) that *VERY* soulscape...........~...brrimming with DOU's (that act like bit units (recalls Mercurius)).....; as I yet, too, witness 'a' 'HORRIFIC' 'infestation' 'of' 'demonic' 'beings'. Hmmm, I'll try to proof-read this document later, as I currently note 'a' 'demon' 'imposed' 'time' 'limit' 'at' my internet access time (I witness 'a' 'public' 'library').
Tags: psionics, the coma world, the structure of a mind
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