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The Truth Is Objective.......

Ever since I have attained a level where I can prove myself IRL, zap / blast electronics, and generate all that bling.......I have noticed something?

I don't get '****ed' 'with'.

But I need to keep developing more and more. I need to continue to seek the ultimate knowledge, the ultimate wisdom.......in the hopes of unlocking more abilities for the sake of my mission (which is to protect and nurture the innocent little monkeys I love).

This post is a realtalk post. Let's rock it. Let's give a word............. . (*Stretches neck*).

Truth is objective. Beauty is objective...... . Wisdom is objective........ .

All arguments antagonistically attacking at the truth are...always....exposed as crazy and deranged ramblings of egocentric and psychotic 'madmen'.

Only those free from and not blinded by ego / egotism, only those not blinded with solipsism, only those not blinded by narcissism..........ever get to see the truth for what it is......and that by way of orderly and structured....logical observation via the senses. Senses like empathy, telepathy, sight, sound, touch, electroreception, hearing, smell, taste, and many others.

The truth is (*blinks*) (*winces*) not 'empowering' to / for mankind, so you will never witness egocentric mankind capable of addressing or even processing it.... . If you reveal the truth.......you will always note mankind reactively freak out, and double down upon swilling lies / delusions......... .

I speak these words as an observer. I speak these words as a seeker of truth and knowledge.

Because I seek the truth, and because I seek to immerse myself in the truth, I thus note mankind accuse at me a danger, a threat, that makes Satan seem like Barney in comparison. I note a unspeakable boogeyman, an eldritch abomination...accused at my actions, nature, and my existence.


Even J and H......don't ask questions.....at my displayed abilities.....and the piles of toasted stuff left at my wake........... .

The world of the truth is like a vast and deep mine, and units of knowledge are like sparkling gems.



Just like the the m*ning area from which the above gems were unearthed, the average man 'does' 'not' even show up. Ketrino 'does' 'not' show up to the mine. 'Fenris-Star' does not show up to the mine. Yea, and that's the way the truth works. I note just making way to the mine, whether figuratively / metaphorically or literally......., is work, strenuous work, which the average man 'is' not willing to make......... .

Before a person can accept the truth, handle the truth, or even encounter the truth..........., a level of conditioning is required. Freedom from ego / egotism, freedom from solipsism, freedom narcissism........, and humility (as such).

Me? All I can say too......is I'm trying to be be no less than clean..., clean both mentally and spiritually, and that as an effort to be...ready for encountering the truth. Even though I now have some awakened abilities and loads of fried objects in my wake, I do not plan to be a 'lord' over mankind........and abuse the newly awakened abilities available to me. I do not plan nor want...to be a "big fish in small pond" (*recalls at Jehovah, recalls at bossy scientists, recalls at bossy priests and preachers*). I hear the call of a higher plane, an infinite plane...., and it is that mysterious plane which I nakedly seek........ .

The truth is like a gem mine, and even like the depths of the cosmos. I note mankind does not even have a hunger to go there, a hunger to explore and savor the mysteries within. I observe tis man's 'nature' to lord over a lies......., lies that change ('moral' 'relativism') at the winds of time...... . (*Notes the leftism outbreak, which is as equally awkward, unfriendly, Orwellian, and icky as the old 80's / 90's conservative Christianity trends*). Man is reclusive at the truth...... . (Indeed). (*Recalls at Finky.....claiming at having an interest in the stars...., the same Finky that went scrambling back into the dungeon......of delusions, falsehoods, and ego-gassing lies*). (*Feels my nails glowing with peace and relief over the chance to view the situation objectively, and not hate nor despise Finky*). (Men are dungeonbeasts?). (Yea, the most powerful ones are domineering dungeonbeasts that create dungeons around em....., impose and enforce lies, and impose and enforce slavery).

So, the truth is like love then? It's like the capacity to love another? It takes a directed. and focused effort...........to have and perceive it?

Yea. Truth is objective. Wisdom is objective. Beauty is objective.....(*swoons.....in an absolute hunger to see some beautiful women*). There are no substitutes for the truth, there are no substitutes for wisdom, and there is no substitute for beauty....... .
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