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I Love This Sunday Dinner Thing...... / I Am Now Seeing How I Was Meant To Live

Oh my gosh ~~~~........ . My word~!!! (*Swoons*). Mmmmmmmmmmmm~~~~.......(*rolls around =^_^=...*). (*Purrs contentedly*).

*Purrs and rolls....., soaking in the natural energy from the mystic mountain night environment.......*.

Oooooh~~~............ . I made an eye of round roast dinner by hand. From slicing up the raw veggies, to even filleting and stuff......, and even then making my own custom gravy (*gulps and groans*)...., me made a Sunday dinner =^_^=! . Yea, but I did *not* know ~~~ it would taste like *THIS* *O_O*!!!!!

I love this......, this chance to eat like I need to, and then get right back to m!ning for nourishing g*mstones. I thank all involved who made this lifestyle possible for me. I may be struggling due to heart health issues, but there is *NO* depression nor anhedonia in my lifestyle........which *I* can detect.... .

I sleep in a bed covered with sparklies..,... .


My floors are mopped, my lawn is groomed, my bathroom is scrubbed, and my dinner pot is full *^_^*. I give thanks to my people for supporting my energy levels so that I could maintain this dwelling by way of my own hands and elbow grease.

I am hopefully showing the world how.....I noted mankind and the ghetto 'only' 'holding' 'back' at my development during prior decades.... . Yea, and me? I'm not going to let this opportunity be p*ss*d way..... . Yea. I never needed those hateful fake 'payrents'. I never needed dem uninspiring 'internet' 'haters' for me to have a good time and enjoy life. I never needed mankind's fickle and false 'validation' to enjoy life and have a wholesome and fun time. I didn't need mankind's number one pseudointellectuals to discover and access the deepest mysteries of the cosmos / universe.

Me? I hope my example will show the kind of lifestyle I would lead on a starship, and / or on a man free agrarian / sylvan planet all by myself.

Indeed. The fun, the discoveries, and the adventures would just be kicked up to another level, and maybe even many many many many many more levels *^_^*!

Me? I'm going to keep training, keep meditating, keep focusing, and keep on collecting red sparklies for my Japan trip which is within III months from now...... .
Tags: cooking, food, house of ecstasy, house of sunday dinners, paradise, sunday dinner, training
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