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Glitch Day Results And Recap....

I have decided to split up the post regarding Wednesday's events?

Waking up over here the other day after the divine being contact event, I just *knew* I would witness **** get all crazy..... . I went ahead and got up before the alarm clock rang...., and that on account of surmising that I was about to either note a knock at my door, an intruder at my rural driveway, or such. My suspicion was *confirmed*.....within moments of getting dressed.

A 'medical' 'transport' scheduled for a 10:40am arrival showed up by 10:07am. (*Raises my eyebrow*). I now realize that I slipped up by even taking a step from my house door............. .

I naïvely slipped on my boots......., and headed from the door....(*facepalms*). Boarding at the transport, what followed next was me just sitting and noting pointless and unusual 'stall' 'driving'......(*recalls at the odd sight...of a green car with a big ladder strangely crammed in the front seats.......*)..., and strange acting 'townies'.

After eventually setting foot at the doctor's office........I froze up..... . I noted the doctor's office front desk area and the waiting room area *TOTALLY* *CHANGED* from three months prior.....(!?!?!!?!). I witnessed a strange and 'glossy' 'front' 'desk' filled with strange 'receptionists'. I walked up at the front desk, seeing about a sign in.

That was when I noted the receptionist claim (*groans in pain amidst a cosmic energy flux felt as I type*) that the doctor (!!!!!!??!!?!!!) had to go home 'sick' (!?!?!!?!?!!!?!!?!?!?!!?!) for the day........(!!?!?!?!), and that the Wednesday appointment would have to be rescheduled.

I was in shock........., and already forming theories (which I hid) as I stood at the desk.

I did not lose money due to noting the 'medical' 'transport' 'service', but dang on..... .

So I had to wait, wait amidst noting that strange lobby........, for about an hour till the transport showed up again...... . But even that turned into a struggle as (!?!?!?) cosmic energy pains, and a surge event (!?!!?!?!!?!) of some sorts suddenly seemed to come upon me........ . After feeling nauseous, and struggling to walk, I got up from the lobby, and stood on the sidewalk near the building entrance. I was full of nausea, trembling, my lips went all tingly......, and I felt my overall n***l area going ***wild***.... . It felt like sparks, fire, energy, was rising up from my esophagus and was being compressed in my throat....... . I actually asked....if my body was about to have an explosive blast type event take place or what.....as I collapsed to the pavement...... . The 'emergency' 'room' was just a corner away from the doctor's office, and I ain't have time for that noise / the fake ER and those fake doctors. I think I said a little prayer, and just *focused* on trying to make it home....... . What did it feel like, the event? It felt like what happened on that flight VII years ago, but on an entirely new level.....in some ways. Yea, so I meditated, breathed, and *somehow* held blasting the area with vomited cosmic lightning emissions. Yea, and I probably avoided witnessing a full kayfabe breakdown event......... .

Upon making it back to the house, I collapsed onto the bed and felt n***l area pains again. Yea, and then noted 'knocks' at the door (*facepalms*) after apparently fainting for a little while. (*Recalls at Gerald, and recalls how on that very day.....I yet again witnessed him.........claiming that he thinks I'm a literal "angel"......., a literal angel that cannot tell mankind of it's origins*).

My surge events and abilities do not wait for 'mankind' (*winces*). I got lucky (again) the other day, but what would have happened if I would have noted a fake nurse jab a needle at my arm...amd me defensively releasing cosmic lightning as a result? I could have been moments from witnessing a disintegrated *or* 'anime' 'turned' fake nurse......... . I could have been moments from witnessing a full scale kayfabe breakdown......... . Just like with the premise behind defensive driving, I am going to have to just stay in the house ~~~ after any massive contact events and / or surge events in the future.

I'll try to cover the main Wednesday event soon / in the next post.....when I get the chance.
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