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Diving For White S@pphires........ / The Mysterious Maiden Songstress..,...

The river in front of my house is *loaded* with Clear and White S@pphires *O_O* :D. Today I dove, fully submerging myself........, and grabbed handfuls of the sparkly bounty into me m!ning screen =^_^=!!!


Should I be diving underwater for long periods of time whilst having a very serious heart condition?

I dunno, but I'm serious about my mission, and I'm serious about my task.

I'll do whatever I must to further develop / stabilize the abilities which I have already displayed, and develop new abilities.... . Indeed, no sacrifice is too great...... .

Yea. Anybody who is *SERIOUS* about spiritual / mental development....., and cultivating demonstrable special abilities....does not put up with the vile extortion and meager offerings of those icky 'New' 'Age' 'shops'. (*Shivers as recalls at the deluded and grandiose weaklings in those joints*).

No. Anybody who is serious.....gets their tail into that murky water, roars in defiance at the 'water' 'snakes'..., and *hungrily* pulls these up from the mud.

(*Senses cosmic energy, stellar energy, just from the photograph*).

*Nods*. Anybody who is *SERIOUS* about dimension traveling and cross-realm manifestations...gets to work m!ning...., and doesn't **** around with 'them' (suicidal, volatile, and unstable products at the Mandela Effect / my experiments / my reality manipulation wave events)

http://www.soulbonding.org/ ..... .

*Feels my head pounding......*. *Groans in pain, as it seems ability awakening related "migraine".....may be on the way*.


*Groans woozily*. Yea... . A couple days ago, I woke to note a surge event / reality wave event was underway.... . That though...via an unexpected presence and an unexpected contact event. Yea. I jostled awake, jolted awake, as I felt a touch / grab to my arm (*blinks*) a couple times. Somebody was clearly touching me as I slept (*blinks*). Eventually opening my eyes, I rolled to the floor.....and hid beside my bed.... . Within moments I heard voices, but that..only to notice the world having gone fluid.....as well . I stood up....soon though, and even relaxed..(*squints*) as I perceived a mysterious and beyond anime female......calm!y approach. She looked delicate, and hauntingly innocent. She, adorned in what seemed to be a white shrine maiden garb......, sang? (*Recalls her whitish / bluish seeming......shoulder length wavy hair. She sung a pure song......of haunting notes....., a hymna!-like song that reminds me of pure snow....and soft moonlight.... . I materialized my classical guitar into my hands.., and tried to follow / accompany her singing...... . Yea, and then some huge reality wave event took place (*blinks*).

After that event a couple days ago, I noted some strange stuff.,......O_O.
Namely.....perhaps hearing the song I heard the other day.......whilst watching some media.......(*squints*), media which (!!¡!!!!?!!??!) (*gulps with trepidation*) also featured glowing fingernails (*gasps in shock*)..........(!?!!!!!?!!?!).

Media which also relates to (???) certain musicians whose music hath effects on time and space......... . (*Sighs*).

I know I love m!ning every day, but looks like I might need to find a way to balance m!ning time and musical instrument(s) practice time..... . (*Thinks about how White S@pphires seem to provide a dense and sanctified type of energy field...........which facilitates contact with sanctified, divine, and pure lifeforms*). Next time that mysterious being in white sings to me, I want to accompany her with chords....and make music together....(*feels my nails glowing in hope*).

I thank the being who sang to me, and I thank the beings who made my riverfront paradise m!ning house lifestyle possible. Me gonna go rest my head now.
Tags: contact event, hyperdimensional being, hyperdimensional hymnal effects
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