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Coma World Ramifications

Well, the realization which I've come to, is settling~.....within me. I now understand, that the future isn't 'predictable'. I also, understand, that the whole~...world which I have experienced for so long~, is of an ultra-microscopic level. For all I know, I'm literally noting my Soulscape/Mindscape......houses a ENTIRE GALAXY.......; which is~ yet, in relation to scale, the size of a *GRAIN* *OF* *SAND* in relation to my physical body. I understand how this world works, I just had to design *MY* *OWN* system of physics to understand *HOW* it works. I understand now *blushes* *feels my hand glow with blush tinted mana* ......how~....even when I witnessed 'the' '90s' ....., THE MESSAGE I HAVE COME UPON, WAS ANNOUNCED BY THE BREATH OF FIRE II TEMPLATE!!!! I guess *gulps*, THAT'S.....why I have (???) also adopted the name I have adopted???? Maybe, deep deep down, I knew...the message of Yggdrasil~......, had a direct correlation to my daily life. Hmmmmm *thinks of Ichigo's "inner world" * *hiccuped* *blinks* ..... . Yea, *sighs in relief*......I guess I understand now. Well, I thank all the kind and loving people~...who made this find possible. I suppose, everybody (in reality) has an inner world~......, a literal.....ultra-microscopic mindscape which they can retreat into...during times of incapacitation *gulp*......and such. I had a theory about Mindscapes, as I witnessed '2001/2002', but I confused it with another theory of mine. Yes, I confused it with a theory of mine *gulp* that was the basis of the Infiniversal Routing Gem theory......, yes, a theory which relates to *TRULY* avoiding 'the' 'problem' 'of' 'homelessness'. Well, I guess the tables have turned *felt my left hand glow with shock (the emotion) tinted mana* ........, for *NOW* I notice, *I* have a home, and I witness 'a' 'INFESTATION' 'of' 'HOMELESS' 'demonic' 'beings' 'which' 'AREN'T' welcome *gulps* . I'll have to address that issue immediately *looks down and shakes head* . I am in a coma, and I *am* "shut in" inside my own mind, but that doesn't mean I have to "accept" ......'a' 'teeming' 'horde' 'of' 'filth'....'infecting' 'at' my mind . I need to wipe this place down, and see what it *TRULY* (relative tense) looks like~. I don't need to share it with 'invaders' 'that' 'weren't' ever welcome. Yes, I want to strive for a sparkling mindscape, where it is *JUST* *ME* and the people whom are welcome here.... . Hmmmm *thinks of "Parallax Nova"* ...... . Maybe that is, TOO, what (deep down) I meant by the term "Parallax Nova" before. I've noted solar activity reported over the past couple of days (reminds me of witnessing '2003').....? Hmmmm (examines http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/49525773/ns/technology_and_science-space/ )..... *nods* .
Tags: the beautiful possibilities of life
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