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I Routinely Prove My Abilities Now, But............ / What Have I Done?

I note "proof" of what I said in a recent post...... .


Atheistic science does not explore reality with an open mind and objective observations.... .

Any truths that do not fit mankind's 'agenda'....and 'psychological' 'projecting' are suppressed at....or even violently opposed.

Now, while on that topic, I am really in a "situation".....so to speak.

I was invited to a party last night?

I guess I noted J go "alpha" to max (not knocking that.....really...) in front of his guests, and sorta boasted bout what his "main homie" did last Saturday........ . What did I do last Saturday?


Well...on Saturday, you see, I was invited on a boat trip? I noted J wanted to test a "somewhat aged" boat he had been given.. . Thing is....I kept noting racist and snobbish Caucasians throwing shade on J's boat, and mocking it. Yea. Soon as the boat was even unloaded, I caught at some old Cacausian dude in a kayak laughing, and then heard at him ask J..."this isn't one of those hope it floats...type deals is it?"....... . I laughed a bit that time, and tried to keep my calm...... . But on the way back from a long river venture, I noted some snobbish 'rich' dudes from C*shiers talking **** about the boat, and showing disrespect at *ME*......(*growls a little bit*) (*feels my eyes burning red*). Yea.... . I witnessed dudes unreasonably rushing the boat loading procedure all on account of the "socioeconomic status bull****"...like the way the boat looked, the way J was dressed, and him having a Negro thug looking dude with him..... . Yea, I apparently noted J had violated the old 'white' rule about "keeping up with appearances" (Caucasian's worst weakness I would say, and the root cause of all the ill-fated and 'leftist' "virtue signaling" madness that afflicts most post 2000's Caucasoids). Me? I looked at the '80,000$' rig of those five Caucasoids, and watched at the 'brand' 'new' 'boat'......the C*shiers cash dudes put at the water. I then zoomed my senses at the 'shiny' 'motor' on the boat....... .

I voiced how upset I was.......at J. I felt my body getting "swole". Shockingly, I noted J back down (*flinches*), his 'pride' had been wounded......badly. That was when I caught at J looking up? A ring of thunderstorm clouds had formed at the horizon....... . Naw, this time I was going to control it...... .

So...I watched the Caucasoids get onto their boat, push off, and try to crank the motor.... . Unh unh. No motor function for em. Yea. And then I heard at the guys freaking out. Yep. I zapped at that motor to prove a point....... . *Nods*. I tapped at Justin's shoulder..., and gave a very militaristic nod. (*Cackles*). Yea, and then I caught at a very sardonic smile cross Justin's face. The smile of alpha male warrior..... .


Me? It's like I'm walking a tightrope.

Right now, kayfabe withstanding, J seems to assume and even claim I am (*winces*) (cringes*) (*feels a tingling along my upper back*) some kind of Pagan God (*flinches*) related to and perhaps summoned by a ritual he once did........ .

Me? I mainly just try to keep my mouth shut...., and adhere to this.

"Any truths that do not fit mankind's 'agenda'....and 'psychological' 'projecting' are suppressed at....or even violently opposed."

Yea... . Christians like Gerald assume and claim I am an 'angel' 'of' 'God' that has has to hide his identity. Pagans like J and H assume I am a Pagan God that is going to reign over mankind as some sort of God King.

Just going on a limb here, but maybe I would note certain atheists (that *ASSUME* there are aliens).....assume I am an 'alien'...... .

Me? It kinda hurts for me. What about the real me? (*Shakes my head*). What about the true me?

Yea. I was ***NOT*** expecting this reaction from mankind. I never even imagined that ****. (*Shakes my head*). Yea. I'm in shock........really...... .

"Any truths that do not fit mankind's 'agenda'....and 'psychological' 'projecting' are suppressed at....or even violently opposed."

Yea. The above statement can be proven again, and again, and again........... . Mankind does not observe the world, notice patterns, and then draw conclusions in a logical and objective manner. No. An average man solipsistically and inexplicably assumes at knowing *everything*, and then forces his rationalizations / assumptions at reality........, 'effectively' shutting himself off at the truth. (*Feels myself go all chilly and shivery*). 'Mental' 'blindness'....... . (*Shivers*).

*Reads some more to shift my focus from my pain*.


Tags: philosophy, realtalk, special abilities, studying at mankind
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