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Transitioning Seasons.......

Jeez..... . I do not know if I could witness more blatant Finky sales.... .

I guess I note G*P ones have hit the limit...... .

Finky was a coward, and a weakling. And remember what I said yesterday...... . Porny XX chromosome types were created by the first one.....to surgically attack at my key vulnerabilities. (*Gasps as I feel a caress as I type*).

I mean, I really do feel a lot of pain......, but that is because I witnessed such a weak opponent. I didn't even note a strong argument from the opponent..........(*shake my head*). Yea... . I don't regret what I did............ .

Hunh? Love? 'Pathy' messing at my head......... .

Glad I got my Japan trip in a couple months.

Yea. Ain't any the 'kin' 'forum' chumps....given *ANY* sign of being a sentient being..... . Those ones are just jellyfish-like herd beasts..., reactants at the Mandela Effect, and beasts that mindlessly react and 'float' at the wake of my reality manipulation waves.

(*Recalls how I launched a ki blast.....at _________ yesterday*).


Yea. The being I love would never write such loveless, depraved, blasphemous, and '*unbelievably*' disgusting.......pornographic '*FILTH*'.


She would never commit such blasphemy and treason at the homeland.

*Feels my eyes burning red*.

*Feels an aura of fire....surrounding me*.

I will not let the 'transgressions' of the G*P ones "slide". I will not let the enemy make me into some kind of 'joke'. (*Cracks my knuckles*). I will not let the enemy make the divine hyperdimensional Goddess / Starry Maiden whom I love....into some kind of 'sick' 'joke'. (*Stretches my neck*). Let's see what happens after I get to Japan....this upcoming autumn. Let's see what happens then..... .

*Feels my fangs gleam*.

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