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Navigating The Edge Of A Dimensional Rift

The last couple days have been *WILD*....... .

After my last post, my heart function was trippin....., and the world was approaching a "glitch point". How do I know this? Because right after....making a calming dinner for myself (fried tenders loaded omelet crowned sandwiches and triple fried potato fries)...

...., and that as a means to fuel up for an evening spent doing lawn care, I noted one of two 'rich' 'dude' 'neighbors' 'show' 'up'.

Yea. I suddenly noted dude offering (*blinks*) his 'moneybags' 'Caucasoid' 'resources'..…...at my lawn. I said how I was *planning* to do the yard myself...with my push-mower unit that evening......., but as I said that....I took note of my chest pain / heart strain...... . Me? I was embarrassed, but my heart was already trippin...... . Yea. So I, with guilt, shame, and embarrassment, sat back, and noted dude mow at the lawn....... .

I was deeply embarrassed...... . After recovering a bit after dinner, I decided to go lift weights in an act of Japan trip prep, and even with heart issues going on.... . But what happened after that? That's right......I witnessed J pull up at the driveway (*blinks*).

I noted J pointed out at my apple tree, and offering a suggestion to enjoy a snack? (*Facepalm*).

The apple I had was unexpectedly tasty....(*blinks*).

So rather than doing a super heavy and super-straining weightlifting session....

.....I spent that evening chilling in the yard, and enjoying candy-like apples from my apple tree.

What about he glitch point? That point is / was coming... .


So...yesterday............, whilst feeling heart strain yet again, a surreal moment took place. *Nods*. I watched at 'stuff' that seemed like some sorta skit from Saturday Night Live.....of the 90's......

.........and it sunk in how my Yggdrasil (Mandela) Effect has really landed. But subanime dudes 'in' 'gowns' are not my goal...... . My goal involves studying dudes that have fully changed into anime chicks.

So I got my Jaggolin ready, amped it up, and played some Nordic rock. Yggdrasil related music from a form of media encountered long ago. A thunderstorm took place as I played (!!!?!!!!?!!?!), causing me to unplug my system for a while.

Upon inspecting my Jaggolin a while later, I noted signs of me having fried (!!?!?!!!!!?!) the black binding...to the edge of the fretboard (just a cosmetic issue, but still........).

I switched to StarTears the guitar, re-energized my amplifier rig, and played along to the Arni Village theme?

I learned the chords on the spot, and synched to the song? I had so much fun ~~~~ (*swoons*). A *very* ***eerie*** energy filled my bedroom and the house.......as I played. Visions of (!!!!?!!?!!?!) a beyond anime.........meadow, and a village, blasted into my senses.. . I had visions of (*squints*)....a...a being that seemed to be a beyond anime...(???) Dawn, Dawn who had that cute wrap-around and hairtail hairstyle going on. She was also wearing a lovely village girl (*blinks*) attire...(a traditional looking longskirt, dress blouse, and possibly apron included....type of attire combo).

I got really woozy after an hour or so of more playing, and those vision waves kept happening........ . I needed to lie down........ .

After wiping down / cleaning my guitar, I .....*collapsed* into bed.

Thunder echoed the sky...more visuals of that beautiful and beyond anume village lady.......filled my perceptual pathways (*blinks*). That was when I felt a cuddling sensation to my cheek, and (!!??!!?!!!?!) and seemingly had some type of black expanse (!?!?!!) type event (!!!!!!!!) perceived realtime. I was like "oh no~~~~~~" as I suddenly witnessed Finky (!!!!!?!?!), Finky wearing a dress top, and a knee length white skirt (*blinks*), nestling close at me. Yea, I got up, and *ran*..... . Then my bedroom seemed to phase back into solidarity............until another black expanse type event happened....... . Yea, and repeat happenings of such took place, with me running from Finky each time........ . (Me? I will not lie, I *did* sense emotional vulnerability, sense passion, sense vulnerable hunger, sense need, sense tender and delicate yearning feels of love......., but those positive and innocent feelings....all must have been from the real Dawn.......not the hallucinogenic and grafted Finky...... . Yea. I learned my lesson from last year....).

Soon the situation descended into me being *stuck* witnessing a h*llish and tumultuous *MESS*!!! Was it a time storm? Was it a dimension storm? In any case, I was *stuck* dimension diving, and conscious of me trying to make it back to "the mountains" as I witnessed....the likes of 'Star' 'Trek' 'The' 'Next' 'Generation'..........intermixed with 1980's America. Just describing the event would take many pages, pages I will hold even writing on here. Only way I even made it back here again, was by having a black expanse type event (*recalls at some 'yellow' chicken beast entity witnessed moments ago*)........that resulted in my rematerializing this plane again.

Me? I'm about to go cook some lunch in case another time / dimension storm takes place.

Oh. Here are today's study links. Yea. So I do not forget the lessons I have learned. Lessons learned in the field by way of witnessing XX chromosome types.......... .

Tags: black expanse event, dimension manipulation, reality storm, time and space phenomena
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