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There Is No Substitute For Knowledge / Did I Slip Up?

It is a peaceful, rainy, and introspective day....over here to the house. Me? It feels like I have gone through a lot of growth.....in the last couple days. (*Feels some flashbacks relating to a city of gems / jewels*).

I have realized something? There is no substitute for knowledge........ . No weapon, no force, can overcome true knowledge....... . Knowledge and survival / an individual's survivability go hand in hand....... . {So thus...it can be noted...ignorance, foolishness, stupidity, and death 'go' 'hand' 'in' 'hand'...........?).

Yea, I might have slipped up in booking that Japan trip..... . (*Gulps*). It may be that more, *WAY* more effects would be possible, and would have been possible sooner......with a gallon of silver n*noparticles, a gallon of gold n*noparticles, and a gallon of platinum n*noparticles...... . (*Recalls at those 900+ dollars*).

Yea, there is no substitute for knowledge..... . Now I see why I used to get so upset at those egalitarianism preaching....Mandela reactant...subanime 'kin' bimbos.... . Now I even see why I used to get so upset at even the anime bimbos witnessed during my dimension diving events. If my current theory holds true, I was never given ***ANY*** hint of how to save my life and achieve my mission.......by Finky and the 'others'. (Yea, lol. When I wasn't interested in Finky, Ket, and the 'others' showing off 'dey' pervy and creepy 'boy' 'toy' 'collections', dem niggas lost 'dey' s**t and 'bounced'.........).

K. Let's get to the knowledge. Although I am not quite sure about the dosage regarding Silver, Gold, and Platinum n@noparticles, it seems like an "ounce" or so........may be needed of each.....each day........instead of just a teaspoon of each....each day. The goal would be to flood the bloodstream within safe levels, and have the precious metal particles cross the blood brain boundary........ . Yea. The neurons, axons, dendrites, synapses, and synaptic cleft areas need to be ***SATURATED*** with n*noparticles. Too, the pathways connected to the crystalline areas (*recalls the "pineal" area(s)*)......of the body....need to be thoroughly saturated with the n@noparticles.

Yea. Here is a symbolic allegory to the process I am referring to. Imagine if you had a city.... . A city which featured an energy core / energy plant next to the city.... . The city's lights are dark, and there is no energy distribution infrastructure (lines and distribution nodes) present. Yea, that, but the energy plant is running....to full capacity..... . K, well imagine if the energy core / plant is overclocked / kicked into overdrive......and an ultra dense and wildly fluctuating energy field......from the plant...washes over the city. Now, yes, the city's lights may turn on.....due to such a field, but they would flicker........wildly, and many lights if not all..of the lights....may even shut down due to overloading........... .

K. So a magic based being's body is directly attested by the above allegory. Even with continental scale "dark energy" levels contained within me, there is a distribution and regulation issue.... . Whenever my "energy core areas" go into overdrive and *do* generate energy that....by sheer scale.....goes beyond my body and causes fluid world type phenomena......., my nerves / data processing areas.........my "lights"......flicker wildly..........and then a "shut down" takes place.

In the above allegorical model, the city's crisis / the issue would be addressed by energy distribution and delivery systems being put into place. The city's lights would come on, and the amount of energy delivered would be able to be regulated....... .

If I am *not* male, then my actual body is having *grave* issues producing / generating a steady supply of particles which my nervous system and other bodily systems depend on. Yea, very very very very tiny particles that play a vital role in regard to "dark energy" delivery and distribution..... . Specifically very very very very very tiny particles of silver, gold, and platinum.

Yea. I might've slipped up about that Japan trip......... . (*Recalls at that 900+ dollar price paid*). (*Feels my fingernails glow with guilt, embarrassment, and shame*). If so, I apologize to the people depending on my survival, and the success of my mission. (*Tearfully gulps amidst feeling my throat tighten in shame*).

*Pulls the nootropic Ashwagandha piece from my mouth, and thinks about hpw I had to take nootropics.....as a means to even reach my current levels of data processing.....and lucidity*.

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