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Ready To Rock........

Oh wow....what an eerie event.... .

*Shakes my woozy head*.

I feel pumped though, pumped and ready to move on with my October plans (*nods*).

Yea, I guess my latest posts, and the "find of the year"...resulted in me noting 'unwanted' 'attention'...a couple moments ago..during either a fluid world event, or a dimension dive.

Before I go on, I need to mention something. I'm not one of the Mandela reactants.... . Me? I permanently meditate....., and I have been continuing an ***INDIVIDUAL*** meditation session since noting 1999. With every big surge event that took place for me, I *awoke* more and more of the ability and capacity to make life choices, choices like avoiding deleterious and rotten sex. Choices like refusing to do drugs and swill alcohol. I had to ***STRUGGLE*** to find that I had free will...., and in that process I discovered the Negro male grafted at my defensive barriers / perception of myself is an exodimensional entity....as evil and depraved as any of the rest of mankind. Me? Whenever I dimension dive currently, I usually have, during a resting state, about the same lucidity levels which I used to have over here.......as I witnessed 2004....... . Ok.... . So that said.....let's do the report.

I was walking around some kind of pond / temple area......moments ago to *some* place......., when I detected an entity 'probing' 'at' my mind....... . I noted the entity 'speak' at my mind, and that as I was just naively walking around in a relaxed manner and taking photographs. Lol....... . (*Shakes my head*). Seems I noted the entity claim at being / having been my girlfriend, and then subsequently noted the entity claim to be 'cuckolding' me (!?!!?!?!?) with some dude. After a brief scanning period, I discerned the entity was icky old Oniwink...... . Me? I managed to remember apply my accrued defensive data (at XX chromosome types) on an instinctual level, and did not even budge to the 'telepathic' 'assault'. I did not sense a woman / the presence of the luscious mind of an actual woman (Nina) from the imposter......so I did not have a 'breakdown' at the stinky bait...... . Me? I walked on within the eerie environment that seemed like a gothic French styled park....(?!?)...with a naive.....and relaxed countenance.

Eventually finding myself back here, I strained to stay lucid, and keep the environmental setting stabilized.

I zoomed onto my tablet to read a couple of links......



........, and then read more information about n@noparticles.

Yea. The n@noparticles matter / thing must be the truth..., because last night........I predicted that such a big find....would result in me witnessing a Finky 2016 styled surgical strike assault.....from some random XX chromosome type (stealing at the identity of a hyperdimensional girlfriend....as usual).

Oh. I have a new defense at fraudulent XX chromosome types now too. Since real / hyperdimensional women *generate* silver, platinum, and gold...., I *should* be able to identify them by both my sense of smel!, and the multiple senses which I use to sense silver, platinum, and gold. This will come in very handy.....if my upcoming n@noparticle therapy results in me witnessing anime worlds..... .
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