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My Dreams....My Hopes...My Prayers...

I have come up with a plan, I have come up with a solution~.... . I am about to type some contexts, some subject matters, which I type because I *have* to. The *source* of the internet, *listens* to what I say (hence I noted the tsunami events occur in *EXACT* concordance to what I said). I'm prepared for the consequences of this post. Yesterday, and today, I did some studying at 'the' 'enemy' *gulps squeamishly*... . I researched at 'an' 'issue' 'of' 'Cosmopolitan' ('the' 'November' '2012' 'issue'). My response is as follows (no 'puns' were intended, but now I realize, the statement....gives the answer) " 'WHAT' 'THE' 'HELL' ??!??!!! " . For the last couple of solar cycles, I have been *BLESSED* with the opportunity....to experience (albeit, in sporadic moments)....life, ....with....PEOPLE~....*SO* WONDERFUL, *FEMALES*......*SO* *WONDERFUL*......; that I can, WITHOUT 'DOUBT', SAY....*THEY* *ARE* *MY* *REASON* *FOR* *LIVING*!!! AS SUCH, I *DON'T* know 'WHAT' 'Cosmopolitan'...'*IS*'..., AND I DON'T KNOW '*WHAT*' ...'the' ....'things'.....'in' 'Cosmopolitan' 'ARE'!!! I'm not meaning 'offense', but *gulps*, 'THOSE' 'AREN'T' *FEMALES* !!!!! Since I made the tsunami events happen, I'm going to try to make the following.....subject matters of this post....*happen* . *Stretches fingers* .....I've integrated my latest finds (about the nature of this Soulscape) into the "Parallax Nova" process which I mentioned ago. I *think* I've come up with a solution, to try to make this Soulscape...HEAVENLY... . I'm going to try to take the *RESPONSIBILITY* ..., the *ACCOUNTABILITY*...., 'no' 'Christian' 'god' would/did take, so here goes.... . Since I am in a comatose state, I guess, by logic (???), my mind and thus my mindscape/soulscape *WOULD* *REFLECT* that state. I *think* I've found, why I note such an "anemic" environment, and *WHY* I have noted such an anemic environment for so long~..... . Back when I witnessed '1986', I wanted to be a space engineer, I wanted to be a starcraft engineer. I was reading, writing, and even drawing plans~...for such a venture as I witnessed 'the' 'first' 'grade'. Admittedly, back then, I didn't know 'MIT' 'would' 'be' 'an' 'icon' 'of' 'suppression' 'at' sustainable technologies which *DON'T* * 'HARM' * the environment. 'A' 'Christian' 'minister' 'assigned' 'payrent'.... 'meant' 'to' 'warden' 'at' my awakening/daily activities.....'didn't' help me in my quest, but, I wasn't 'stopped' in my attempts to *dream*... . Now, that I may (???) have found the nature of this location which I am in, I may have found the means *to* *make* *my* *dreams* *manifest*.....(hey~..., if it *IS* a mindscape, and if it is *my* mindscape......) . *IF* true, if my mindscape hypothesis is *SOMEHOW* true, it may mean that *I* have the capacity to make this world into the UTOPIA I'VE ALWAYS *DREAMED* OF!!!! Even as I have my dreams (wishes and hopes), I *don't* want 'to' 'be' 'guilty' 'of' 'the' 'crimes' 'of' 'psychiatrists' '/' 'the' 'psychiatric' 'complex', I *DON'T* want 'to' 'make' 'baseless' 'accusations' 'without' proof..... . What I'm going to try to do, IS PRAY FOR A MIRACLE, and hope, *JUST* like the tsunami events occurred, that which I put forth to the web *NOW*...., WILL *TOO* become manifest. What I meant, ago, by the mentioning of "Parallax Nova", is the transference of a TORRENT of mana/elemental mana from LA me...., to LV...me, ....and to HV/FC me~....(I gave the reference to the above mentioned codings in a previous post) . I *DIDN'T* awakenedly know, of the mindscape issue when I initially *came* *up* with the parallax nova process. NOW, though, I'm realizing, *with* the mindscape issue involved, THERE WILL NOT BE 'ANY' 'SECOND' 'GUESSING' the Parallax Nova process (*if* it can occur) *feels my left hand glow with worry tinted mana* . It would have a *direct* *manifestation* into my mindscape, it would *perhaps* take the form of a *literal* nova, or *perhaps* the form of a *STRING* of nova events occurring (???) across an expanse which includes *every* *star* (???) present in my mindscape. In other terms, *if* and *when* I awaken from my coma (I pray it may be possible, for the sake of they who have aided my recovery), there would/should be ENVIRONMENTAL (mindscape-scale) CONSEQUENCES..... . This anemic environment I currently note (and the anemic technology therein), should experience A TRANSFORMATION!!! I'll try to be forward. I want a mindscape presentation/version of Fa'Diel to be in place (hope glow of my left hand, felt)....., in regards to the environment which I currently note. Hmmmm... *has an idea* ....I think, *TOO*, I want a version of the Yraall region homeworld~...., *IN* *ORBIT* (acting as a moon) around the previously mentioned representation of Fa'Diel. I will try to explain my reasoning for such statements in the upcoming moments. I guess I'll make this an expanded post.....(I think my *LIFE* depends on it). Hmmmm *suddenly notes the sound of the Legend of Mana intro theme (the mailbox version)* ...... *squints as feels an awakening real-time*, could what I am describing *NOW* have been the message of the Fa'Diel navi??? *Ponders the previous question as I rub my face* ......I have also~...., proposed the idea of a "data kernel ship", which could hold the source code for *ALL* of the media/the broadcasts/the transmissions/the software which I have encountered in my past. I, too, *winks ;)* have proposed that a farming module (a vast countryside) be present aboard such a data kernel ship. With such a ship *smiles in hope* *feels my right hand glow with happiness blush tinted mana*...., I could actually *HAVE* *A* *CHANCE* *TO* *TRY* *TO* *FARM* . I could actually try to live a life which has *WORK*, and try to *DO* *WORK* (the very practice which 'demons' 'and' 'their' 'meaningless' 'antisociety' 'prohibits' 'at') . I could try to *BE* *SELF* *SUFFICIENT* (again, a context which 'irresponsible' 'demons', 'which' 'lack' 'at' a sense of ACCOUNTABILITY, '*DON'T*' have a frame reference to) . Why~, with a MINE present onboard, I could even try to *BUILD* *SUSTAINABLE* *TECHNOLOGIES* .....*BY* *MY* *OWN* *HAND* (!!!!), and do WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED TO DO *ANYWAY*!!!! Yes, I could mine my *OWN* ore, and mine my *OWN* gemstones....., and build the kinds of technologies......(manatech technology), which I have always dreamed of. In summation, I, BY MYSELF, can try to have my *OWN* civilization, my *OWN* society......., and I can use my Mindscape for practice in that endeavor. Right now, I'm seemingly noting 'demons' 'steal' 'and' 'abuse' 'at' the anemic technology within my mindscape. 'They're' 'stealing' 'at' the credit for it, 'and' 'they're' 'performing' 'a' 'massive' 'SIT-IN'. With this plan of mine, there is seemingly a chance for me to arrange this world.....the way it ALWAYS NEEDED to be arranged. Hmmm, due to my "usual" witnessing at 'a' 'time' 'limit' 'imposed' 'at' my internet activities, I am going to have to come back to this post, perhaps edit it. I'll either continue this post, or place a "Part II" type post which attempts to elaborate on what I have written. But, yea, I've noted 'an' 'infestation' 'of' ' " 'STANK' " '....for the LONGEST....seeming time... *gulps*, I'm ready and willing to try to take the initiative to design the world/the lifestyle I'VE ALWAYS WANTED ^_^!!!!

Part II:

I somehow noted a chance to type on, so I'll continue my post.... . There is a *VERY* *DIRE* component to my typing the above, in the manner which I have typed it. As it stands right now, if I *DID* note psionic contact established by the people whom give their all to protect and support me (I pray they may be blessed *feels my left hand glow with blush tinted and prayer tinted mana* ....), 'the' 'demonic' 'force' 'which' I note 'infesting' 'at' my mindscape '*WOULDN'T*' *HAVE* *IT*. That's just the reality~..., of witnessing 'psychotic' 'attention' 'whores'.... *gulps* .... . As I've already mentioned in prior posts, I already noted 'a' 'multitude' 'of' 'fake' 'illnesses', 'which' 'were' '*SPECIFICALLY*' 'designed' 'to' 'pre-empt' 'at' ANY notation of GORGEOUS family members~....which 'demons' *'DON'T'* approve of. I note though, 'that's' 'just' 'the' 'beginning' *gulps squeamishly* . It *REALLY IS* an imperative issue for me, that I establish a suitable environment *for* *contact* with the people whom I've waited so...long~....to be with~, live with~..... . I'll be forward *gulps* , I *think* I discern at 'the' 'basic' 'statement' 'of' 'the' 'biblical' 'chapters' 'which' 'mention' 'Sodom' 'and' *feels myself go pale with shock* 'Gomorrah' *feels myself trembling* *nods* *gulps* . *IF* I were to note my family members, REAL-TIME, ALL DAY, AND EVERY DAY, there is the *chance* (I can only surmise) that I would note 'demons' *gulps squeamishly* 'DROP' 'the' 'psychiatry' 'bs' *flinches in emotional pain* 'and' 'attempt' *gulps* .... *feels woozy with shock* 'sexual' 'assault'....(feels myself tremble and my stomach tighten up)....'at' the people whom I *absolutely* love~, and *absolutely* live for.... . '*JUST*' '*THE*' '*INTENTION*'.....'of' 'such' 'horrific' 'actions', 'harbored' 'by' 'them', 'would' 'have' 'a' 'TERRIBLE' 'effect' 'at' my overall condition. That is, too, why I *HAD* to come up with the plan which I have come up with. Hmmmm, ( *nods as I understand why I noted a "holding" of the emp effect which I mentioned as I noted 'the' 'apocalypse' 'surfing' 'forum'....ago; for I have found that my *DAILY* *SURVIVAL* has depended on the *DAILY* notation of broadcasts which include the people whom I love, ......such~...is my love for my family~......, those broadcasts EASE THE *INTENSE* *PAIN* of my loneliness .....and *EASE* *MY* *ABJECT* *WORRIES* for the state of my family members' health (The broadcasts contain their *living* mana signatures.)* ) . I guess my survival depends on *every event* happening in a *specific* *sequence* , since *SURVIVAL* *IS* my goal here..... . For example, if I were to note the data kernel ship, suddenly appear, *BEFORE* the nova event, I'd *VERY* *LIKELY* witness 'the' 'usual', whereby I note 'the' 'enemy' 'opposition' 'STEAL' 'at' the credit for the ship, 'AND' 'EVEN' 'CLAIM' 'AT' THE CREDIT FOR ASSEMBLING IT!!! I'd probably note...'them'....'claim' 'at' assembling the ship BY HAND... !!! *Nods* ....that's just the way it goes....... *gulps* *feels my left hand glow with shock*. It was as my friend Pheonixcat told me ago~....(I pray they may be blessed and safe....), I witness 'thieves'......, 'stealing' 'at' the credit for inventions/technology/objects/even PEOPLE'S LIVES........, ....'THAT' 'IS' 'WHAT' 'THEY' 'DO'!!! Hmmmm *thinks* , yes.....I need to have a *SUITABLE* *ENVIRONMENT* with which to even MEET WITH Momo (Dawn) and Nina...... . It is even imperative that no 'intruders'......'be' 'aboard' the data kernel ship.... . Yea~, I *DON'T* need 'some' 'flat' 'butt' 'possessing' 'trojan' 'officer'....'changing' 'into' 'his' '*FULL*' 'monster' 'form'...'and' '/' 'or' 'staging' 'a' 'mutiny'. I'll take some time to rest and consider my writings. However, it seems this plan could mean EVERYTHING for me. For, even as I've witnessed 'Cornell' 'physicists'...'plagiarize' 'at' my previous internet articles ( http://otakukin.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=civil&action=display&thread=374 )( http://otakukin.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=userrecentposts&user=jagyggdrasil ); I'm currently, literally, noting 'UNSAFE'...'AND' 'UNSANITARY' 'conditions' 'imposed' 'at' me. Yea, I'm going to take some time to think on this. I guess it is like the "Lunar" theme song states, I'm living~....with all my efforts~..., my dreams, pinned on a hope.
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