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Good Food Is Teh Gospel...... / Was That A 2004 Era Style Vision Or A Fluid World Event?

Uuuuuuuuuoohhhhhh~~~~....(*feels my mouth watering*)..... .


Oh my gosh, I gotta go back to that farm produce stand ~~~ !!!!

*Moans in mealtime awe and satisfaction*.

The farm fresh ingredients *flipped* muh dinnah!!!

Reminds me all over again of how and why I want to be a farmer...after noting mankind's 'timelines' 'undone'.... . Yea. I want a hyperdimensional farm with shiny orange bell peppers, and burger / steak trees......(*moans and swoons to the thought of the meals to be made*). Yea, good food is teh gospel, and I aspire to make good food. Yea *^_^*! Good food I can share with my beautiful and sweet little monkey ~~~ =^_^= ~~!!!! Good food I can share with my beautiful, sweet, and curvy ~~~ little monkeys ~~~ =^_^= ~~~ (*does hourglass shaped motions in the air*) (*blushes red as perceives a hovering pair of glowing eyes as I gaze toward the ceiling*)..... . Yea, let's have church to the dinner table ~~~~. Let us strive to someday partake of the gospel by way of yummy peas that pop, and creamy taters =^_^= ~~~ (*purrs*).


*Feels glowing nutrients coursing through my veins*.

K. Something came up before the event yesterday....... . Yea, I noted a strange 'double' 'order' website issue anamoly (*squints*) (*gulps*)...., and one that made me tentatively question.....if I was noting 'a' 'message'... . Yea, a Finky based 'guilt' 'trip'.....'message'. (Naw, I am not meant to send Finky any n@noparticles. Finky da enemy!). I had to use my telephone n' stuff......to note a 'refund'.... .

After all that, I took my nootropics combo, did some R*setta Stone J*panese, and settled into bed around noon.... .


I woke in a shaken manner, and was utter disoriented as I heard at a catastrophic 'boom'.....and noted the floor / ground / surface of wherever I was *shake*, *rattle*, and *roll*.... . I then heard at 'many' 'more' catastrophic booms, and (!?!?!!?!?!!) gasped as I noted a wall of 'pressure' and 'atomic' 'heat' slam.....at my shields..... . I gasped in shock, and had to use reality manipulation to make sure my lungs were not incinerated....... . I made my way through what seemed to be a residential structure that was in a state of flux, said state of flux being the reason it remained standing. I glanced upon a spot on a nearby wall that (???) seemed to be on fire, and looked for a window... . I found a window or collapsed wall section, and looked into the distance.

What I saw....made me want to dance.

I noted an ancient "country house" setting which I recalled from decades ago, but ****MASSIVE*** plumes of fire and explosive plumes were rising into the atmosphere..... . The plumes covered the entire horizon, and I just gawked.... . It was like the whole region was ablaze..... . Gazing up, I noticed quick moving and perhaps descending...white or silvery shapes......, and even more ***MASSIVE*** booms and plumes....accompanied those. Was it a meteors type event? Or...was I witnessing a crazy powerful enemy assaulting at me???

Although my shields kept me unharmed, by instinct I tried to find an underground place to hide. As I did that, the environment partially transformed to an old 90's era W**mington riverfront center (The Sh*w-Speaks C*nter) setting... . Gazing into the sky by that point, I (*squints*) noted a 'tornado' at the distance and gulped in terror (*gulps*). My shields kept my overall area safe......., but I dreaded at *any* risk of an attacking and angry....dragon form 'Finky'. Yea, I was all on edge because I often note the Finkster 'heralded' by Rayquaza style tornadoes...., and I just didn't feel like beating up on Finky (*sighs*)..... . (*Nods*). I didn't wanna fight. Yeeeea~~~~ lest I get to study 'peak' 'hotness' XX chromosome mode Finky....wearing those dresses and skirts, I've got other things to do.....y'know?

Some kind of big energy wave took place......as I gazed at the tornado....that couldn't breach my barriers / vicinity.

When I opened my eyes again, I saw what looked like an observation platform in a celestial / cosmic environment... . A metallic or crystalline floor was under my feet, and I witnessed a gloomy and gray / black 'man' 'thing'.....at the area immediately in front of me. Hunb? 'Darkseid'.....!??!?!?. I walked forward with curiosity, noting dude was all gloomy...... . Watching at him, I recoiled a bit as I noted him mutter something as he glanced back angrily..... . He clenched his fist...and some ring / knuckle duster like thing...in his hand that went all 'glowy' 'orange'.... . That was when I witnessed some sort of 'oblivion' 'gate'....opened at the area.... . Me? I got serious, and hummed an ancient melody....which produced a barrier around me....and caused a surge event. I was safe from the 'vortex' of the oblivion tear....., and crackling with energy. Some token 'Marvel' 'universe' 'heroes' approaching at the scene though....went flying into the 'rift'..... .

I caught at some terse words from 'Darkie', and then noted him teleport away / disappear after cloaking himself in some strange orange field.

While I thought I had watched at the rip / tear 'close', within moments I witnessed the token 'heroes' from before rematerialze, and that with some hag chick going on about having pulled a muscle trying to save the 'heroes'....(???????).


Yea, if I am going to witness powerful opponents....



........, I need prepare myself.

After another scene flip, I was running on foot as a wall of water akin to a tsunami was bearing down on me. I was observing some eerie town.

Hmmmmmm.... . Where those events prophetic visions like those XIII years ago, fluid world events, or both?

Whatever the case, me taking the initial steps for my nanotherapy project ***UNDOUBTEDLY*** triggered the event.... .

K. I don't wanna strain myself.

Time to kick back on the WiiU a bit.
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