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Heightening Nerve Functions / Reality Roulette

*Groggily wipes my face*.

Yea, after the last post, I *definitely* underwent / perceived new stuff *O_O*..... .

Unh hunh, as to preemptively avoid J throwing himself at another fluid world event.....(lol), I had II teaspoons of Gold n*nop*rticles and I teaspoon of Silver n*n*particles last night.... . (And from now on...I will implement the n*notherapy during the night). This time, I noted a *YUMMY* and *SMOOTH* taste for the Silver, and I literally swooned....to the (!!!) *sweetness* of the Gold. The tastes of both were perceived in a radically transformed way than the initial time.... . (*Gulps hungrily / thirstily*). I, my body / physiology, *CRAVED* (!!!!!) *O_O* the n*n*p*rticles.

I swooned after holding the solutions under me tongue for a while. Yea, and again my head went all "swimmy" and "pressurized" feeling.

Upon getting to bed, and preparing to sleep, (!!!!) a fully wakeful...and lucid surge event (!!!!) took place..where I perceived nerve cluster functionality / and "nerve conductivity" (???)...levels....skyrocketing.....for my entire body (!!!). Yea (*shakes my head*),:and I felt delicate (*shyly facepalms*) soul energy / soul frequency.....resonance patterns rising up from within me......., patterns which really have me...to this moment....baffled..... . (*Nods*). Energy that a rough, tough, and scaly Negro dude.....should never even know about......or emit in the faintest way.... . I (*sighs*) perceived the energy pattern of.....golden and white glowing wings...on my back, and I facepalmed in shyness to that IRL.......... .

*Skips over reporting a lot......of last night's information..online*.

Yeeeeeeeea, after fainting some point after the above reported stuff, I experienced (*shakes head*) what I can only....call a reality roulette event... . (*Gulps*). Some points...or so, I was actually on a starship (!!!!!!!!!), and groggily clambering about and into some sort of white shower area....(whilst still noting Teh Negra 'form'). (*Gulps*). I was groggily attempting to bathe, but all the while ~~~ I was poised to defend myself at two Negro intruders which I detected at the far periphery of the area / a couple rooms over (*recalls at the T'Shima akin entity I detected (*gasps as I feel a caress*)*). I struggled to maintain the (!!!) manifested ship though, so the ship, whilst in motion, split into various sections..(*groans*)....until another black and / or white expanse event took place.... .

As soon as the next screen / scenario loaded, I guess I woke to a medieval type setting and location that featured castles and lots of forested lands. After lifting and then dragging along some already fallen trees like a club, I noted an odd scene. I witnessed a makeshift shanty town that featured American military dudes marooned (!?!) at a medieval / castle land setting...... .

I just sat down...some point amidst noting a saloon, and studied at the interplay between the dudes and the 'local' 'village' 'chicks' that the dudes were cavorting with.

Some point, I sensed a familiar presence approach, and about that time I saw I "crack" form within the current system of physics.. . Within moments...the whole scene went fluid, fluid into what seemed like massive massive chasm...., a chasm that was filled with glowing and bubbling green or (?!?) pink fluid....in between sparse foothold type areas of blackened earth.

(*Recalls how I witnessed 'Sam**t**' grafted at my perception of the being*). Something happened, like perhaps the sinking of a foothold, that resulted in the being swept up into some kind of eddie or even "chasm"? Yea, but (*recoils*) within moments....(*gulps*) I spotted akin to a floating "Playstation" marker / portal marker.............and the being, (*thinks about Nina Wyndia*) was beamed from said marker and back in action / exploring the environment with me....... .

(Was that an initial time for me to actually see how a hyperdimensional traveler reaches / can reach this place)?

In the home stretch of the reality roulette event, I hovered / touched down to my reforming...albeit...momentarily very very...steep / mountainous yard. I was shocked to note a cartoon scientist / anime scientist 'co-fronting' Gerald.....'zoom' 'down' at the scene.....in some kind of station wagon..... . (*Gulps*). While I noted, for one moment, a Christian style greeting from Gerald, the next I noted him manifesting a 'schizophrenic' (the old 90's meaning) 'anime' mad scientist 'persona' whereby he strangely threatened and deployed his 'attack' 'android(s)' at me..... . I leapt into the air, charging a kamehameha....., until I spotted the 'attack' 'android'..... . Heh, I laughed a bit and lowered my guard....as I witnessed a 'white' 'littel' 'doggie'.....skittering at the ground beneath me. My laugh shifted to a yell of shock and horror though.....as I noted the dog go airborne........and heading straight at me.... .

I froze the event though, landed, and stated how I did not want to fight. After doing a defensive sweeping motion with my arms, a big fluid world ripple took place.....whereby I witnessed the dog changed into a middle aged anime (???) XX chromosome type in a blue maid's dress (with a white apron). Yea, and the landscape transformed to some kind of castle setting again.

Some moments later, I felt the world flow back / reset back to the current state.


Yea, I guess I might go ahead and get the Platinum today (*sighs*) or soon. (Asks myself if that shipscape would have stayed intact if I had had Platinum in my system). And if I do that, I may have to come to a decision about the Japan trip. I mean, rather than noting a 900$ bill at hotels and stuff come Autumn, what if I could have *WAY* *MORE* results than a Japan trip by just getting III gallons of n*noparticles.....???

Yea, should I just skip the Japan trip altogether? I'll know after trying a little bottle of Pl@tinum.

Yea, if I slipped up about booking the trip, I will not rationalize my slip.


If only I had known about this stuff sooner......... . I wasn't given *ANY* clues, *ANY* help on the matter......from the 'multiple' 'personality' afflicted Mandela reactants of those 'forums'..... . (*Sighs*).

Oh well.......... .

*Feels that buzzing and fuzzy sensation between my eyes / above my nose again.....just like last night...*. (*Recalls at the Mexican / Spanish XX chromosome type anime / subanime change.....momentarily witnessed last night...as I felt that buzzy sensation*). (*Sighs*).

*Seriously considers getting the Plat*num*.
Tags: dilemma, fluid world event, life plans, nanotherapy, nanotherapy project, reality storm
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