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A Fundamentally And Critically Important Necessity For Nutrition And Survival...........

Before I give some words regarding the title of this post, I need to mention how I'm not considering the eclipse day / tomorrow anything more than just another day. My main worry is at the supposed and unwelcome influx of 68,000 mortals at the area I inhabit. Though I usually note 'they' are deluded and faker.......weaklings / wimps / posers, I don't want any 'tourist' 'New' 'Agers' 'sniffing' 'out' at the psychic energy vortex / dimensional energy vortex around my house..... .


I'll likely faint again, and perhaps wake up late tonight after taking n*noparticle application III......so I will try to write this now.

Really, and what the case really is, is that Gold and Silver n*n*particles are as vital for survival as air, and water..... . I was ***NOT*** expecting this medical trial to have such sudden and drastic results from *SO* *LITTLE*!!! (*Gulps*). I am *DEEPLY* embarrassed that it took me XIII years....after my abilities initially activated for me to literally *STUMBLE* upon this knowledge, and then.....only act on it due to the delicious (*blush*) natural scent(s) of a pair of Goddess level beings who regularly choose to cuddle up to my neck and collar (*feels my face burning red*)..... . (*Says a prayer of thanksgiving, regarding that*).

What am I going to do from here? Well, I'm not even going to google "tingling and buzzing between eyes" because I already *know* how this works.... . Yea. I'll just witness a vile force of perverted and sanctimonious ones......that claim at having experiences ***JUST*** ***LIKE*** ***MINE***.......whilst yet 'preaching' 'moderation', 'sexual' 'perversion', 'tolerance', 'disinformation', and 'ultimately' 'deferring' to the 'status' 'quo'...... .

*Gets up, and unplugs the veggie loaded crock pot in case another fainting spell take place after the n*noparticle treatment....following this post*.

*Stirs the veggies a bit*.

Yea, this n*notherapy stuff has shifted ***EVERYTHING***.

*Swoons as feels my body and soul ***CRAVING*** more Gold and Silver.....*.

*Inhales and exhales...as thinks of what Platinum will likely do for me, and that perhaps..in just a few days*.

Yea. There is no greater treasure than good, solid, and reliable information.

*Pensively gazes over the picturesque and paradisical morning view.....*.

(Sitting up on a mountain house, noting millionaire Caucasoid 'neighbors', and drinking Gold.....in the morning? A nigga ain't supposed ro be living like this. Hmmmmh. Guess I have come a long way.........). (Yea, but only by way of the blessings of Goddesses). *Prays in thanksgiving that my life has come to a point where my biggest dilemma of the season is whether or not to drink boosted amounts of precious metals...daily...come Autumn, .....or board an airplane to Tokyo instead*.
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