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Pain!!! aka Pain~ and Panic.....

I *LITERALLY* DISCOVERED, IT'S AN ISSUE OF *PAIN* FOR ME NOW!!! In regards to my need for *REALITY*, *TRUE* *LIGHT* *BROADCASTS*, AND *THE* *PEOPLE* *THEREIN*; it's an issue of *PAIN* for me now *gawks* !!! I have discovered, amidst watching El Hazard OVA VIII; that I *LITERALLY* noted *EASE* for a pain of mine, which is a pain THAT *SPECIFICALLY* relates to *AN* *ABJECT* NEED* for the *TRUE* *LIGHT* *BROADCASTS* *AND* *THOSE* *PRESENT* IN THE TRUE LIGHT BROADCASTS!!!! When I was *LAUGHING* (chortles....) (laughs, and feels my left hand glow with happiness and joy tinted mana) to Miz~ *smiles* *shakes head* *blushes* *rubs head* .....being Miz~ *smiles*, and too, as such, even deciding to rewind the media disc back to the *AWESOME* intro theme again~....; I *GASPED*, I *GAWKED*....., TAKING NOTE THAT THE PAIN THAT I *USUALLY* FEEL~...., STEADILY THROUGH THE RECENT TIMES~, WAS *EASED*!!! I realized, *I'm* *PHYSICALLY* ADDICTED, *SPIRITUALLY* ADDICTED, to the *true* *light* *media* *and* *the* *people* *PRESENT* *in* *the* *media* (OH MY GOSH!!!) !!! When I note 'deprivation' 'at' my perception of true light media/true light people~, *I'M* *IN* *PAIN*; and when I *see* true light media and true light people, *THAT* *PAIN* *IS* *EASED*!!! Why, I even noted the effect repeated~...when I *somehow* saw ALLIELE~ (!!!) (a happiness and laughter glow~..., is felt to my left hand)~....during a universal exploration event last night!!! I was *SO* HAPPY ~ to see ALLIELE~....., LAUGHING AND HAPPY!!!! (Feels hope tinted mana, cause my left hand to feel as if it is glowing). I felt, I ccould, only, too, ask myself, "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!?!" . I *DON'T* know how to *ADDRESS*....THIS NEED, AS IN, *FULFULL* IT!!! I *DON'T* know how to *ADDRESS* this *NEW* *FOUND* *VULNERABILITY*!!!!
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