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The Issue With Chl*rella / Yesterday's Overload Event / Newly Discovered Sensory Organs

Trigger Warning: I'm pressed for time today, and I have a large amount of research data to unload..... . Usually I reserve this kind of information for my paper journals, but the mindscape internet pathways art in dear need of this information. The information contained here has no frame of reference to Homo Sapiens.......so only hyperdimensional beings.....who are unburdenend by egotism and vanity are advised to read this. *Inhales and exhales, gathering energy for a straight up data drop*.

I may note some uneducated ones freak out at me taking precious metals into my body. But there is a process, and research as well as conditioning......has been undergone for years regarding this endeavor.

I've been taking Chl*rella and Spir*lina regularly for over II years....(!!!) (wow.....that long?) (*feels my fingernails glowing in shock*). Chl*rella has chelation properties....... .

Chl*rella "scrubs" the body pathways........, apparently helping the body stay free from ***IONIC*** Mercury, Lead, Aluminum, and other ionic deposits such those of Uranium.




"Simply by adding chlorella – an intestinal absorbing agent, the retoxificaiton of the system is prohibited. Clinical studies completed recently proved that heavy metal chelation [using cilantro and chlorella] can naturally remove an average of 87% of lead, 91% of mercury, and 74% of aluminum from the body within 42 days"


Now....it depends on your source, but I am using ***NON-IONIC*** G*ld and S*lver. What that means is that the particles do not form compounds in the body, meaning, hopefully anyway, Chl*rella will not remove the uber uber tiny non-ionic n*noparticles that are being taken into my body... .

Even so, I am currently questioning if I should keep taking Chlorella and Spirulina during my current research trial.... . (*Ponders*). Then again, the chlorophyll / plant type mana bounty of the Chlorella and Spirulina combo......is undeniable... . (*Ponders*).

For the record (in case anybody I need ever reads this), I would only advise taking only non-ionic n@noparticles... . Yea, and with a focus on surface area...... / small particle size.....as to enable nervous system pathways to be fully infused with precious metal *anoparticles (*feels my body glowing a golden colored light as I type*).


K, the Pl*tinum should be here by Wednesday or so (*exhales in relief*) (*feels my fingernails glowing in relief*). That is very relieving for me.

I think I understand about those....(*turns blue and then purple......facially, momentarily*) wildly intense navel level pains which I felt yesterday...... . (*Ponders*).

Yea, but I already acted to mitigate the situation......to some extent by getting the Pl*tinum n@nop*rticles. You see, Saturday, hints of those pains / cramps / the stormy activity manifested, but such took a back seat to the (*shakes my head*) straight up otherwordly and startling energy signatures which I perceived.....*O_O*...…....of me. (*Checks the time........., keeping track of the eclipse event schedule*). Yea.......(*gulps and pauses*).., energy signatures and energy traits which made me question everything I *thought* I knew about....myself.... .

Well...yesterday, after taking the n*noth*rapy treatmemt, I was in ***PAIN***..... . It seems like the treatments cause specific areas of my body.....along specific points of my anatomy...to (*pauses and shakes head*)....."move energy"...... . Well, something happened yesterday (*winces*)..... . Was it due to me not having Pl*tinum on hand? Was it due to me noting an antidimensional male grafted at my perception of myself? Well, whatever it was resulted in the overloading of my entire bodily system......and a momentary collapse to *mostly* baseline functionality levels (like those had before the n*notherapy trial was implemented). (*Notes that I said "mostly" on account of how my heart function sounded..and felt.......very stabilized....., and even transformed..from the dire and grave state that occurred last week (which I did not report online)*).

Only after taking extensive action this morning with Nootropics the likes of Krishna Holy Basil, Vana Holy Basil, Bacopa Monnieri, Ginkgo Biloba, and (*chuckles a bit as suddenly detects Finky*) (*tries a bit to cover up these item's names*).......Gotu Kola.....did the overload effects ease somewhat, and....hints of the new abilities displayed the prior day(s) return...... . In an attempt to be honest, I must admit that I actually almost panicked....until they returned.... .

My point in writing this too, is this. Maintaining functional celestial mana systems is not easy. You have to watch yourself, *STUDY* yourself......., ***MONITOR*** and ***MEDITATE*** on yourself and your mana levels, and that.....***objectively***...(yea...none of that p*opytalk / bimbospeak "feel pretty" nonsense (lol)). Not only does it mean striving for absolute virginity, absolute purity, and freedom from alcohol / vices, but also...too.......maximizing your own efficiency..... . Any time you note any hint of a "energy flow" issue, please act fast via herbal medicine and the like....or a medical emergency can happen.. . Yea, I think I may have slipped up by watching at DB Super and anime (*facepalms*) on early Sunday morning........, or if not that, by not getting the Pl*tinum sooner.. . (Maybe it was both).

Thankfully...after the restorative medicine had earlier today, I felt that intriguing sensation above my nose / between my eyes again, and ***SAW*** ***THINGS***..........(*feels my fingetnails glowing in shock*).


*Stretches my neck*. Okay, time to bring this on home.....(*chuckles as feels the buzzy sensation above my nose*).. .

Last week or so I wrote this in my online journal.... .

"During some kind of fluid location event....I was approached by a mysterious being that seemed "interested" in me (*blinks*), but my signal reception of the being...was waay waay down.... . Yea. I even tried to take cover, and prepare my defenses initially...... . Only after being presented something, something that seemed like a gleaming metallic sample (???) of a precious metal, did I reach my hands to the hair / head of the being.......amidst feeling a sudden and deep sense of "recognition"".

But in my private notes I wrote a detail (in hyperdimensional coding / hyperdimensional barrier language) which I entirely overlooked....

"I noted antitray antithing antiheld....antiby Mongoloid, and about that moment it was like I noted a S_lver or Pl_tinum particle on my nose. I noted antiobvious warpage dub when I noted Mongoloid antireach antiat particle"

... .

I unexpectedly explained something to myself by way of my journal notes and consequent medical trial experiments. I'll explain.

(*Stretches my neck again*).

Alright, this post bout to get wild........ . (*Stretches my back*).

!Trigger Warning¡

I'm glad I followed my own advice. Even though yesterday I brainstormed, and even rrecalled a time in the past where I noted a W*lmington Negro Israelite cult chick.....claim...that I had opened some 'third' 'eye'..........., I didn't dare Google that 'nonsense'. Tis better to have a blank page when it comes to data than have a 'page' of utterly useless garbage level disinformation.

I have long learned my lesson, and that lesson is that I have *consistently*...noted 'New' 'Age' propanda desseminate 'pwetty' 'lies'........that don't serve ***ANY*** practical and demonstrable purpose.... . Furthermore, I note New Age just exposes that Homo Sapiens ones chronically present ***DEVOLVED*** and ***DESTROYED*** facsimilies at *ACTUAL* hyperdimensional organs ***VITAL*** for life and daily function........ .

(*Checks the clock*).

For example, rather than a devolved "pineal gland", hyperdimensional beings have a ***literal*** crystalline brain organ which is far far far far far far.....beyond any 'quantum' 'computer' in it's processing capacities.... . Indeed, an entire brain that the fleshly brain just acts as a "base" / "support hardware" / "intermediator" for.... .

(Yea, and I will not even go into what the 'crown' 'chakra' disinfo...targets at..., no, not on the internet..).

K, I'm presssd for time here, I'll shoot into the point.

When I felt that area between my eyebrows / eyes and above my nose come online again (earlier today)........., sight, visions, textures........all flooded my perception. Something that felt like a multispectral situational analysis and brainstorming session took place.......... . Just like I did the other night, I theorized that *some* kind of mystery organ......., a sensory organ, is located between the eyes / eyebrows. A organ which, as usual, I note mankind does not have a frame of reference to. My mental state clicked into overdrive, and I did a probability analysis model based on the variables available / observed in the moment..... . Of those variables...was the information gleaned from the recent event which I quoted above.
It came to me then, an idea...... . An idea I tested.......... . K. Here is what I found.... .

The metallic gleam / glow reported in the above quote......., seemingly attests to a very small but very vital sensory organ. An organ perhaps smaller than a grain of sand..., and an organ that is ***OF*** ***METAL***. Metal that transitions to crystal, and crystal that transitions to flesh (nerve tissue)....(and then back to crystal again*). It seems that while all the information from the fleshly brain and the fleshly eyes is funneled into the crystalline midbrain organ for advanced processing during optimal conditions, the crystalline midbrain organ has it's ***OWN*** data gathering mechanisms.....*O_O*. Mechanisms that allow for the advanced "visualization" of textures and forms of matter that may not emit traditional visible light...... . Indeed, scanning mechanisms.....complete with tiny holes in the skull......(much much much much much smaller than eye socket holes) that lead all the way back.....to the crystalline midbrain organ..... .

Okay, but what abbout the upper corners above the bottom buzzy area......?

Remember the sacral brain organs I wrote about ago (which mankind does not even have)? Well those brains have crystalline midbrain organs too..... . Looks like the sensory nerves from those organs kittyback along the spinal column, and traverse (via grooves / channels) to the forehead, giving...a.....DELTA..shape of sorts.......to the way the metallic sensory organs are presented....... . Hmmm. Just like binocular vision enables a lot of accuracy, I guess the placement of the metallic organs.......works like an array...that enables parallax based tracking functions / boosted triangulation capacities...... .

(*Checks the time*). (*Races*).

My currently held theory is that, with Pl*tinum nan*particles and some time, I may be able to use these newly found organs to perceive and direct energy in a point and boom type manner, along with other effects...... . Not only that, but I may be able to perceive true light and beyond anime hyperdimensional beings over here....regularly.........via the metallic and "satellite antennae" akin organs...... . Gosh, maybe there is a crystalline component behind the metallic organs that serves to amplify received signals (*takes down notes*).

*Analyzes currently held situational data*.

Looks like it is time for me to get dressed and tend to ecl*pse stuff............... .

Oh, it probably is not coincidence that I had this revelation today.

(*Suddenly has a vision and idea.....an idea and vision......regarding another location for another delta shaped sensory array and that in case each crystalline midbrain organ has II of such sensory mechanisms (*nods*) (*blushes totally red*)*)........... . (That sure would explain why celibacy was *NOT* difficult for me (*coughs*) (*coughs*) (*blushingly chin dips*)........).
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