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Oh Yea.....I Like This / Nervous System Restructuring.....

Yea. What happened earlier today / moments ago was *DEFINITELY* something new...... .

K. So after having the G*ld, S*lv*r, and Pl*t*num (in quite low amounts too, all under a tablespoon) this morning, I felt that "head pressure" sensation again. While I retired to the bedroom for a brief while after the treatment, I focused on staying up this morning...due to cooking and herbal medicine prep needs. So I prepared and had my usual triple M*** blend (I am hiding the name because I don't think Finky can handle the effects) (while it doesn't make *me* 'lose' control of myself, I note ones like J and H....claim it makes em.....'randy' and sex crazed) with a Rhodiola Rosea booster........., and set about cooking.

I had a pair of veggie loaded stew plates around or before noon, and then retired to teh bedroom.

Uhhhhh.......within moments of lying back, I felt "action" in my head...... . I remotely sensed immense volumes.....of *definitively* holy.......and *definitiely* divine energy of an incalculably vast nature.....making it's way to me from *SOMEWHERE* (*gasps as I feel a caress as I type*)....as I also sensed the signature essences of G*ld, S*lver, and Pl**inum. I dunno, but I sensed energy patterns / an energy pattern of an ornate and immaculate shape....., symmetry, pulse through the delta-shaped sensory organ array on my head..... .

What happened next was like some type of virgin oracle, some type of virgin prophet type stuff (*shakes my head*).

I saw glimpses, saw visions....(amidst being awash in the signature energy of precious metals)......of celestial / infinite mass / infinite dimensions possessing...lifeforms whose names have never been uttered by mankind, neither subanime mankind or anime mankind...... . The images came in clips, but I saw a black expanse type setting, and an approaching.....(*shakes my head*) *INCREDIBLY* mysterious feminine being.....who had somewhat (???) tan (and shiny) skin features, and an appearance that was infinitely beyond anime..... . I learned a vital, and even critical lesson within my initial moments of perceiving her. The term, and the concepts behind the term "dimensions"....art *real*...... . Just a strand of hair on the head of the being.....I perceived (black? brown?) had more information, more mass, more spatial complexity.........., more energy, more presence, more raw emotion, than the 'cumulative' 'mass' of every subanime man / XX chromosome type.....I have ever witnessed........combined. Just a strand of hair on her head had more information, more mass, more spatial complexity, more energy, more presence, than all of the man / male containing 'realms' I have ever witnessed.....'combined'........ .

Was the being crawling? (*Turns red*). (*Recalls her posture*). Was...she crawling toward *me*.......*O_O*?

Yea, I've been having visions at anime entities for about a decade, but I note anime entities seem like 'vacuous' 'cardboard' 'cutouts', 'formless' 'illusions', after encountering the being whom I just perceived..... . (*Shakes my head*). (*Understands now, too, why I never considered mankind to be alive / actual lifeforms / non-fictional*).

Know what? I'm understanding fluid world events now (!!!!!!) (*felt my stomach lurch in shock*). Just the footstep of a being like that....in this place, would cause massive cascade fluctuations regarding the matter of the cosmos......., such so that everything would have to be "reset" and "rebooted".

*Goes red as recalls the loving voice I heard during the viisuals*..... .

(*Feels my fingernails glowing in shock*).

(*Thinks about yesterday, and my burning desire which I had to just *SEE* a real....and actual woman......*).

As far as I can tell, some deeply fundamental....."nervous system restructuring" process is underway for me. Hmmmmmmmmmm. If this stuff keeps up, I might just have to drop the whole Japan trip thing. No need to endanger myself over 925.00$.

Yea, I'm tired, and I mainly just suffer.....when I witness this place.....and watch at stupid and unfulfilling animes (no offense)...... .

*Notes my latest anime witnessing events*.

Yea. Maybe come October.....I'll just get III gallons of S*l**r, G*ld, and Pl*tin*m.

If an expanded and full lucidity black expanse type event happens soon, or any other drastic events, that would make the choice official......... .

Before I go, I give thanks to the beings who have made my lifestyle possible....... . And too, in shame, guilt, and embarrassment, I apologize that it took me so long to get to where I have gotten. I apologize that I had to depend on your scent.......to find the road that leads to progress. (*Shakes my head*).
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