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Telling It All With StarTears..........

The latest effects of the n*notherapy trial.....hath me facing facts about myself?

I'm about to......


*Watched at a white truck pull up at the driveway*.

*Unexpectedly noted J, and went to a local farm for a little while......(where thick clouds formed overhead until I noted an invitation to "play with chickens, doggies, and frogs" (lol) from a juvenile)*.

*Got back to the house*.

Yea, I feeling down~~~..... .I'm feeling way more lucid than I ever remember before, and I've got a lot on my mind. Yea. I'm feeling lonesome....... . And especially that....since I am not projecting my ideals like I used to..... .

Guess I'm going to tell it all with StarTears tonight, and express my feelings with that Starlight Rock style.

What's got me down? Well, technically, I have achieved a mission I had a long time ago, but it wasn't what I expected. I now note, IRL, word spread around town about my abilities. Yea. I visited at Maw Belle's farm today, and even Maw Belle was told by J...... . True to form. the usual proof stuff happened. Like today......after I wielded an axe to chop wood on the farm, the consequently charged axe (when Josh wielded it) emitted a spark / visible lightning bolt.....(*cringe*)....as it was next used.

Yea, and that after a massive grouping of stormy looking clouds had formed directly above me....... (*facepalms*)..... . Clouds that just hovered overhead until I was played with (???), and my mood cheered up somewhat..... .

Why am I down you ask? I'm down because I'm not inspiring (*gulps*) the ones that "know" at my abilities. The Homo Sapiens never "reach for the sky". Aves, J, and all the dudes on the farm are rough, tuff, buff alpha males that do the 'sexytime' with wives / whyte wimminz. Me? I try to not abuse my abilities....., and I do not bully the dudes. Yea, I don't try to force my beliefs on anyone....... . Yea, I just chill, chat, and note offers of soda pop and food....(*blinks*). That, and answer at medical advice questions and stuff? Yea but that is about it.

I mean, I have fun....going around town and stuff. Yea, but I'm lonesome...... .

Yea, I need somebody to play with. Another lightning user..... . Yea, a virgin oracle type who can inspire me, and not 'go' 'crazy' at the truth. (*Recalls at how I witnessed Finky 'go' 'mad'........*).

Yea. I'm feeling sad, so I'm going to go tell how I feel with StarTears.
Tags: lessons through pain, loneliness, trials
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