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Took Over A Year....But It Happened / Boosted Environmental Control As A Nanotherapy Result?

"Oh, before I go, this morning I woke in an ocean... . I was in unity (!!!) with it. I felt a massive energy surge. I heard a voice announcing a hypercane (????), and then I saw (???) a kid dressed in white..hovering in the air. What followed was a satellite akin view of a huge huge huge hurricane........touching down on the continent. Why did I note 'Texas' referenced, in regard to the path??? Oh. I think I know now..... ."


A hypercane indeed O_O...... .

It took over a year, but my response at Ket / Thin*hingles.....manifested.

[The wayback machine should (???) likely be able to prove that I didn't use post modification trickery....(yea, and always, if you can, vet at fakes and liars by way of The Wayback Machine)....in regard to the above].

Yea, as the eclipse event showed locally, my weather effect / reality manipulation abilities have shot onto a new plane entirely......since the n**otherapy was initiated.

Yea, but what should I do with said abilities?

Hmmmmmmm....... .

Why is this hypercane happening now.......?

I (hopefully) have no interest in harming and bullying mortals. Mortals like Ket don't have free will, so pummeling em / taking out frustrations on em just for the heck of it....lacks class, and lacks maturity.

Yea, last year though....I did not know what I know now, and I got upset because Ket was too weak...and 'couldn't' play with me.

*Sigh*..... .

(*Turns totally beet red*). Why do my abilities always respond at the ones that are mean at me? Why are they emotion based?

(*Recalls at the crazy hot 'blonde' 'anime' 'level' 'deity' form of Ket...that I witnessed that time ago......*).

*Growls at Ket....*. Yea. Meanie! Lol :P.
Tags: prophecy, special abilities, weather manipulation
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