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Another Vision Proven..... / Hypercane Indeed?


Yea, I needed this right on the mark...and prophesied reality manifestation event (*exhales in relief*).

This is my answer at Thi*Shingles spitting that hate at me as I witnessed 2014 / 2013, and my answer at all that 'furry' straw man mockery stuff.

I said a Texas target last year (after being upset at Ket) and bingo. Right on the mark. (*Exhales in relief*).

Just like I said, it is a new era after the eclipse. I would not advise threatening at me, nor anymore of that imposed poverty nonsense.

(*Hears at the phone ringing, damage control teams to likely bring food, and playtime*).
Tags: probability manipulation, prophecy, reality control, reality manipulation, weather manipulation
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