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Striving To Have And Generate My Own Universe

I've decided to go ahead and field~....a topic which I've been keeping to myself since witnessing '2004'. I don't know how much time I have left to type like this, so I'm going to try to make the most of this *time*, and this *opportunity*. It is time to try to reveal my intentions~..... . I'm realizing, the tables have *indeed* been turned, proverbially speaking. I've given my all to put forth my contexts to the internet, given my all to try to provide some kind of *spark*...., some kind of *progress* to the internet. Hopefully, this post will act as a catalyst for the *healing* of the internet. I'm going to try to show what (???), I hope, being a sentient life form (???) would mean (I attempt to have the status of sentience, I don't know if I could *actually* possess it.). There is a *context* which 'demons' *'HAVEN'T'* mentioned. I said, 'THEY' 'HAVEN'T' MENTIONED IT 'BECAUSE' 'THEY' 'KNOW' 'WHO' 'THEY' 'ARE'!!!! I said, how I've noted the affirmation of a lesson, as I've witnessed 'the' 'MAYHEM', 'the' *flinches in shock* 'MURDER'.... *squeamishly gulps*, 'the' *flinches and reels in shock* 'RAPE' *flinches* ..., 'THE' 'RUIN'......'BROUGHT' 'FORTH', 'THREATENED', 'BY' 'THESE' 'ABSOLUTE' 'MONSTERS'!!!! I SAID, *ALL* *LIVING* *BEINGS* *NEED* *THEIR* *OWN* *UNIVERSE*!!!! *ANY* *GOAL*, *EVERY* *GOAL*, HARBORED BY *A* *LIVING* *BEING*, SHOULD LEAD TO THAT *REVELATION*, THAT *GOAL*, THAT *EPIPHANY*!!! The goals of *PROTECTING* people from 'evil' ~ , LIVING A LIFE OF *RESEARCH* *AND* *STUDY*, LIVING *COZILY* ~ in a *SAFE* and *POSH* cottage - - *ALL* *NEED*, *BY* *DEFAULT*, ...a person striving to *GENERATE* *THEIR* *OWN* *UNIVERSE*!!! Since witnessing 'hell', I've noted 'negroes' 'singled' 'out' 'by' 'caucasian' 'supremacists' *gulps*, but, yet, I note, 'THE' 'SAXON' 'FORM' 'DEMONS' 'AREN'T' BETTER!!! 'THEY'VE' 'ALL' 'GOT' 'THAT' 'WELFARE' 'MINDSET', 'THAT' 'WELFARE' 'MENTALITY'!!!! 'They' 'don't' '*EVER*' PLAN TO GENERATE FRUIT TREE LADEN WORLDS, *FOOD* *GENERATING* *WORLDS*!!! 'They' 'plan' 'to' '*STEAL*' 'at' the resources of *WHICHEVER* UNIVERSE, *WHICHEVER* WORLD...'THEY' 'PLAGUE' 'AT'!!! THERE IS NO 'EVOLUTION' *FOR* 'that' 'mindset', 'THEY'RE' 'THE' 'SAME' 'AS' 'ROACHES'!!!! I theorize I'd note 'excuses' 'at' what I'm saying; however and as such, I need to state....how having/generating a universe, *DOESN'T* '*STOP*' a person from interacting *DAILY* with other living beings~, it actually *FACILITATES* THAT!!! 'ANY' 'being' 'that' 'doesn't' generate a universe, 'DOESN'T' HAVE A HOME!!! 'They're' 'HOMELESS', 'HOMELESS' 'AND' 'BUMMING'........., 'MOOCHING', 'AT' THE EFFORTS OF A PERSON WHO *TRIES* *TO* *BE* *BETTER*!!!! (Takes note that I note 'teh' 'sireeen' ('siren') (notes 'library' 'neighbor' 'sigh' *squints confusedly*))..... . REALITY *WASN'T* *MEANT* 'to' 'be' 'A' '*CAGE*', 'A' '*BURDEN*', 'A' '*PRISON*', .....'demons' 'and' 'their' 'senseless' 'antilifestyle' 'impose' '*JUST*' '*THAT*'!!! Because of this lesson (too), my witnessing at '26' 'HELLISH' 'YEARS' ~~ WASN'T FOR 'NOTHING'!!! My enduring at 'the' 'BAD' 'MUSIC', 'the' 'stripper' 'anticulture', 'AND' 'THE' 'DISGUSTING' 'ANTIPEOPLE' ~, WASN'T FOR 'NOTHING', and I THANK THEY WHO STROVE TO MAKE THIS FIND *POSSIBLE* FOR ME ^_^!!! YES, I *NEVER* want 'to' 'be' 'a' 'burden'!!! I *NEVER* WANT 'TO' 'BE' 'A' 'BURDEN' 'AT' ANYBODY....., 'A' 'BURDEN' 'AT' THE UNIVERSES ~ 'AS' 'THESE' 'DEMONS' 'ARE'!!!! Yes, it is an issue of *RESPECT*, *TACT*, AND *STRIVING* *FOR* *CLASS*........., to *STRIVE* to have *YOUR* *OWN* (personal) universe, to *TRY* (!!!) to have *YOUR* *OWN* (personal) universe. I think~....that is a *BASIC* and *FUNDAMENTAL* aspect of *LIVING*. It's about an attempt for *MATURITY* and *RESPONSIBILITY*!!! Yes, *if* a person could have their own universe, they could have a type of *NO* '*EXCUSES*' *ACCOUNTABILITY* ~ for the *STATE* of their universe (and~ we *ALL* ~ discern, 'demons' 'DON'T' want to be ACCOUNTABLE!!!). I *think* I understand~.....why I am *ONLY* attracted to goddesses, as I think ~ about what I'm saying *blushes* . Well, I've already drawn up plans for a *self* *chosen* *lotal* *body* ~, and a *self* *chosen* *universal* (proteral) *body* (feels my hand glow with hope tinted mana). I have, by hand, designed my own intended *ORGAN* *SYSTEMS* and the like~... . Yes, my mission *DOESN'T* '*END*' .....*IF* and *WHEN* ~ I wake up witnessing 'a' 'anime' 'world'. *THIS* which I talk about above, was *MY* *PLAN* *ALL* *ALONG*!!! I didn't even KNOW it would be *POSSIBLE* for me to witness '*the*' '*literal*' 'anime' 'worlds'.........., back in the day~.... . THIS QUEST was even *HOW* I found that I could witness 'those' 'worlds'. Yes, *nods*, I'm going to try to do the right thing, I'm going to try to be *RESPONSIBLE* ^_^!!!
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