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Ain't No Petting Farm Gonna Calm Me Down Today.......

Yea, I noted J and some others talk a bit too much today, so I point generated the above videographed rainstorm....as a result....to demonstrate my new abilities..... .

Yea? The entire sky is my gun today, and I showed what I could do...both locally and nationally.

Ain't no petting farm visit and a bottle of pop gonna calm me down. I'm thinking......of generating my ace card......(that meteor / asteroid storm).... . (*Gazes toward my bottles of S*lver, Pl*tinum, and G*ld*).

Ain't even send in any 10/10 subanime chicks with suitcases of money, and 'the' 'deeds' at Japanese private property......(*shakes my head*)??? The enemy just doesn't *GET* *IT*!!!

Yea. Mankind is bad at my nerves.... . Now that my abilities are coming back online / soaring to new levels, I need to consider my ace card(s).

*Growls*.......... .
Tags: nanotherapy project, nanotherapy results, probability manipulation, reality control, reality manipulation
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