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Quite Some Results For XIV Days Of N@notherapy...... / ProphecyCat Is Back =^_^=

"Oh, before I go, this morning I woke in an ocean... . I was in unity (!!!) with it. I felt a massive energy surge. I heard a voice announcing a hypercane (????), and then I saw (???) a kid dressed in white..hovering in the air. What followed was a satellite akin view of a huge huge huge hurricane........touching down on the continent. Why did I note 'Texas' referenced, in regard to the path??? Oh. I think I know now..... ."


-Last year's post and prophecy....after I felt such *HEARTACHE* and pain at the 'definitively' 'mortal' and 'debased' 'actions' of that.....T*xan enemy 'Ket'.





Looks like the n*notherapy is getting me back to performance levels such as those had over a decade ago...... . If this keeps up, I am going to have to private lock this journal to hide the evidence, stock up on more n*noparticles, boost the daily dosage of *anoparticles, and just go for the trump card meteor / asteroid storm......which has been sitting on the event queue for a very very long time.

*Feels that delta shaped organ array....above my nose / between my eyebrows pulse with energy, cosmic energy*.

Yea... . Why? Because I note there is no "middle ground" for mankind....., either you will witness em bullying, ridiculing, and trampling at you and your dreams, *OR* you'll witness em pulling the victim card.......as you rise up and take what is and was...yours all along (in my case, this entire mindscape world, all of it's contents, and all of it's natural energy flows).


Earlier today, I guess I witnessed a 'sobbing' and 'trembling' Ket......'visit' at me as I was in some layer of existence. Poor Ket.....(*shakes my head*). My eyes were glowing red initially. But then I found that I had (*raises a concerned eyebrow*) apparently noted Ket had had a....'crush'........at me. (*Just shakes my head and sighs*). (*Facepalms*). Looks like I'll never understand mortals..... .

Oh, in other news, I noted a DM from the strongest man....... .

I don't know why I witness him "spilling the beans" about Jehovah's 'origins'...... . He's strong...... . Freakishly strong. Much stronger than Finky and Ket? Dude is a demigod, or more... . He.....is and was the first Otakukin....., and he even has a 'hidden' XX chromosome type animesque form.....dating all the way back to 2004..... .

I'll be keeping a wary eye at him.


Before I go, I need to thank the beings who supported my awakening and made the current events possible. (*Feels myself desperately thirsting for more S*lver, G*ld, and Pl*atinum n*noparticles to drink*). (*Swoons as recalls the scent of S*lver, G*ld, and Pl*tinum upon the hair, and collars of the pair of Goddess level beings who regularly (and unexpectedly) hug me*). *Thirsts for their presence in my life*.

*Feels a very intense emotional desire to be in a relationship*. *Coughs in a shy manner.....amidst turning a blushful red*.

Tags: current events, nanotherapy, nanotherapy project, nanotherapy results, probability manipulation, reality manipulation
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