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N*notherapy Evaluation / Demonstrably Vast Performance Boost / New Information...New Plans


Safe to say.....that G*ld, S*lver, and Pl*tinum n*notherapy has had a demonstrable effect on my abilities.

The benefits are ***FAR*** beyond any 'falsified' 'data' 'samples' of those 'science' 'reports'.....


.. .

How do I feel? My mind, my senses, my awareness, art currently to levels that....make the "me" of a year ago seem.....(*squints and winces*)......very confused, very woozy, and very "slow". I was *clearly* anemic..., anemic when it came to levels of G*ld, S*lver, and Pl*tinum n*n*particles in my body......... . Yea, *if* I even have them, certain organ systems......within my body....were just shut down......and not naturally making the levels of n*noparticles to sustain much more than a very very very........anemic level of performance.

That, compounded with the (*shakes my head*) ***bottom*** of the barrel level of environmental complexity......in this place (incredibly tiny and anemic trees, anemic gemstones, no Etansel style n*n*particle infused water springs in sight, no starships in sight), had me walking around in circles......for more than a decade..... .

Yea, even Nootropics like Gotu Kola and Bacopa Monnieri were not meant to be a substitute for G*ld, S*lver, and Pl*tinum n*n*particles...... . So where to go from here? Well...I *obviously* need restored organ function.....(if I even have said organs).....so I can make my own n*n*particles, and as a backup, I need to transform my environment ASAP to either a starship environment, or an Etansel level environment. I mean, what if I need a whole bottle of G*ld nano*articles every day.....rather than just II teaspoons? (*Senses golden energy reverberating through my body*). Also, since a 'male' body (*groans as feels certain pains*) will NOT do when it comes to naturally ***generating*** the n*n*particles I need, that means I will need a sanitized, civil, and (thus) XX / XY chromosome type free environment anyway. Indeed, an environment with no mortals / men. An environment like Etansel, or a starship......environment....., or a massive starship with an Etansel sector onboard......should be my goals........ . (Such would actually ease my loneliness....to, since my loneliness is actually acutely "triggered" as I witness mankind). (*Thinks*).

Yea, this last week has been phenomenal. Any more prophecies get manifested, or any nore drastic ability related events take place, guess I may just skip the whole Japan flight thing. Who knows? Maybe with more than two ounces of G*ld a day, I would be able to *FLY* to Japan in a bodily manner...., skip using a / the plane, and just move over there permanently....... . Indeed, and that by flying wherever I wish, whenever I wish......like with my other bodies (which (*coughs and blushes*)....due to steadily receiving.....a steadily granted suppy of n*n*particles (*coughs*) are able to do)......... .

I give thanks to the female beings who (*shakes my head*) smelled (*feels a caress to my ankle (!!!)*) like G*ld, S*lver, and Pl*tinum*) as they hugged and cuddled me (*swoons as recalls their delicious scent*) (*blushes red as recalls being cuddled and hugged to with such love*). (*Swoons and sighs as feels deeply thirsty, thirsty for more G*ld, Pl*tinum, and S*ilver*). Yea, and...(*burns red*) thanks for the hugs too ~~~ =^_^=.
Tags: evaluation time, goals, life goals, life lessons, nanotherapy, nanotherapy project, nanotherapy results, nutrition for magic based beings, self assessment, studying jag
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