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I Think I Get It Now / Chains Unbound............. / The Planet Cries For Justice

"Oh, before I go, this morning I woke in an ocean... . I was in unity (!!!) with it. I felt a massive energy surge. I heard a voice announcing a hypercane (????), and then I saw (???) a kid dressed in white..hovering in the air. What followed was a satellite akin view of a huge huge huge hurricane........touching down on the continent. Why did I note 'Texas' referenced, in regard to the path??? Oh. I think I know now..... ."


-Last year's post and prophecy....after I felt such *HEARTACHE* and pain at the 'definitively' 'mortal' and 'debased' 'actions' of that.....T*xan enemy 'Ket'.


I think I understand now?

All those past era-defining environmental events and visions, too, were just part of my "unchaining" process. That is why they were so small, and with such long intervals between them.

This time though......I clearly did not feel nor project any emotional attachment whatsoever....to mankind. I felt *NO* sympathy for the mortals......period. No. Not even the tiniest bit of sympathy for the ones that would create and espouse such unfathomably sickening anticoncepts as 'porn', 'hookups', and 'abortions'. I felt no sympathy for the monsters, that, whilst as always, striving to maintain and possess a heart free from hatred..... .

Now? I'm wanting, and even hungering for......craving for........***MUCH*** larger scale prophetic visions, and ***MUCH*** ***MUCH*** ***MUCH*** larger scale prophetic planetary events. (*Nods*). I hunger for JUSTICE....!!! Maybe, just maybe if I wash this world down....with my newly awakening / unlocked abilities, I, upon making this a 'Homo' 'Sapiens' free world, would find..........that there *have* been / *had* been interstellar vehicles kept to certain earthly locations all along. Ships that just been gathered dust . Ships that I noted mankind, 'thieves', 'surround' 'at' with 'restricted' 'access' 'military' 'bases'....... .

Just like my website reports the prophetic truth in plain sight, but yet I note mankind would never honestly and objectively discuss the proven prophecies therein, there art also dimensional artifacts present on this world. Indeed. Magic based technologies, armors, starships......, and more. Indeed, miracles that give testament and confirmation regarding what this place is, and perhaps.....even.......who I am.

Me? I'm going to do yard work today, perhaps dive into the the river to look for more gemstones, and *pray*...............for the chance to have more visions. Indeed, the largest visions yet.

Too, I pray in thanksgiving and give thanks to Hyperdimensional Goddesses for the chance to yet again be proven in my psychic abilities.

Yea, these proven visions......do *SO* much to ease the pain I go through......as I witnessed the evil and heartless....porn-culture brandishing devils...which I have witnessed for so long........(*exhales in relief*).

Me? I'll continue with my mission, and keep praying for the future of this world.
Tags: catharsis, justice, life goals, life is awesome, prayer, prophecy
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