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Gate Of (Water) Mana / N*n*therapy Update / Studying Goddesses

I opened up the planetary water mana gate, so it is what it is...... .

But if much more goes down, such as noting I*ma touch down in a *BIG* way, I will likely lock this journal. That will be a sad day, but I must hide the truth. I must hide the truth as to what virginity entails in regard to cosmic abilities / reality manipulation abilities. I must hide the means as to which I got here from 'potential' 'challengers'.


Yea, my contact events involving Goddesses..........were spot on. My memories about the hyperdimensional homeland..were spot on. I have *LONG* *KNOWN* the taste of Pl*tinum, G*ld, and S*lver n@n*particles. I've searched for them, by taste, for over III decades (!!!)!!!

Yea, my nervous system has been and is...still....being transformed. My nerves feel like "highways", highways that are getting more and more...primed and ready for taking in data streams of a hyperdimensional nature. Yea, my nervous system pathways feel to be both coated, and filling in.....with n*n*particles.

I have a theory? A hyperdimensional female from the homeland (*blushes red as considers the data in this post, but then calms as I do not think mortals will understand it's meaning*) must have a circulatory system that is literally coursing with fresh S*lver, G*ld, and Pl*tinum n*n*particles...... . Yea, I'm celibate, but it is what it is? (*Feels my face burning again*). As such, could that fact, too, explain why I am (*ONLY*) physically attracted to [actual] [living] [sentient] [nonfictional] women? Yea, and in ways I obviously just *CAN'T* feel, and *NEVER* felt, .......for scary and abyssal voidspawn 'knockoffs'.

Yea, I've been instinctively aware of Goddess class beings.....for my whole life here. I better watch my back though. Just like when I instinctively searched for Goddess quality chest features during my 90's witnessing days, and consequently witnessed voidspawn uncannily brandishing 'wonder' 'bras' and silicone / saline chest implants, the......same type of event may be noted in regard to S*lver, G*ld, and Pl*tinun n*n*particles.

Indeed. Be it thigh gaps, voluptuous chests, globular posteriors (*blushes red*), long eyelashes, or slender waists, as soon as I remember feminine features, I'll always note voidspawn 'fake' at the subject matter (via the excuse of supposed 'new' 'trends') whilst ***FIERCELY*** denying (via the cults of Science, Psychiatry, and Christianity) at the existence of the original, authentic, and *ONLY* possessors of such feminine features.
Tags: hyperdimensional lifeforms, mana, mana surge, probability manipulation
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