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I Am *Sleepy*......

*Feels the delta shaped organ array on my forehead...throbbing and pulsing*...... .

Right now........I am really sleepy......(*wobbles a little bit*).

I just got back from noting dinner to J and H's place.

I confessed about causing / generating the latest national weather events of the past week........ .

Heh. Didn't change anything really (lol). Still, I winced at the 'gas' 'prices' amidst riding through town........ .

I got bit confused though at J.....today. I noted him reacting strange at my Japan trip in II months, and noted him referencing North K**** threats. Lol. He jokingly (???) said he would rather I stay alive / stick around North America because I make a useful bug zapper? (A reference at my IRL electric blast abilities). Lol.


Oh, me got and had some Twinkie ice cream on top of a pair of honey buns =^_^=..for a snack today. I placed some ice cream on the floor so I could watch Zinkerdoogie teh Chihuahua eat? *Blinks sleepily*.

K..., I'm sleepy? Ya, I need to look for a beautiful monkey who has that soft and long beautiful hair, cuddle to her collar, and just....nap. Me so slee
y.. .

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