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Weather Records And Planetary Mana Levels Share A Direct Correlation / Na*otherapy Update


I can just hold typing......nowadays when it comes to many of my nan*therapy results. Water mana levels...are boosted worldwide...as evidenced by recent fl**ding events that have taken place in both N*orth America and India.

I keep noting weather record after weather record......going down.

Seems like body tissue / brain tissue saturation is slowly taking place, but obviously....I need to up the dosage. Yea, I need to quadruple my G*ld dosage, and double my Pl*tinum dosage. Me? I'm still stunned by how ***DELICIOUS*** the nan*particles taste. Actually candy-like *sweet* in the cases of the G*ld and the Pl*tinum n*noparticles...... .

*Rubs my brow*.


As far as dimension diving goes as of late, I keep noting strange stuff. I keep witnessing 'Yamcha'.... . Is 'Finky' or 'Ket' 'Yamcha'? Last week I witnessed a savage attack momentarily...after witnessing Yamcha......, and an attack by two anime / toon 'wolfman' entities..... . I caught at a katana stab at my heart, used my fingers to note the blade bent, and then.........materialized my own blades with which to "address the situation" ^_~.... . One of the poor entities was suicidal.......(*cringe*)... . I dunna 'what' 'that' 'attack'..was even 'about'. Oh well.... .


Oh... . About last week's mysterious new class of event whereby the pathway back here was closed......, I panicked during that event too..... . In that event, I was on a couch.......in *some* location....rather than my bed. During a later portion of the event as I was remote viewing, I felt an eerie sucking sensation upon my floating starlike form...........that resulted in me being stuck.......in (????) some....other (????) body (???). I need more data if I am to interpret what happened last week.

From what I can tell about the new class of events, the events seem to, too, be related to boosted data processing levels...... . Time may come soon to where I observe this planet / this realm's contents disassembled.....if I am going to be in other realms / bodily point-of-views for a long time. Yea, after I make it on from here..., and stay to some other realm for a few days, weeks, or months, I am not going to want to deal with the bull**** from subanime Homo Sapiens. I'm not going to risk losing my house due to being on some 'coma' 'ward' either.... . I'd rather just disassemble everything, or blow up the planet.....so that only my floating and never dying......body remains.
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