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Storms Above And Below / Incoming Solar St*rm / Even A St*rm From Space Joins The Hypercane Party

Trigger Warning: This post is only intended for hyperdimensional beings. I will not accept responsibility for any dudes that go crazy....reading at this (on account of a destroyed false / delusional belief system (such as the inherently biased religion of science)).

I wasn't joking in my recent video...... . I *spoke* of the oncoming storms weeks ago.

Been a very long time since I noted a 'X9' rating. If this keeps up, there may be auroras and massive loads of cosmic energy interacting with the record setting new hyper h*rricane *^_^*. Maybe even a dimensional energy ***vortex***.., or even a ***gateway*** shall be formed ^_~.... .




*Notes the Negro dude grafted at my existence.....reacting poorly at my electricity / energy field, such so.....that as I type....I note stinging 'burns' forming on his forearms*.


Hmmmm. Me? I just got back from witnessing a horrific fight from some sorta 'Aztec' entity dudes......, and that.....during either a fluid world event, or some other kind of dimension related event. My eyes glowed totally red.... . I accessed streams of red colored energy, noted the enemy 'deleted', and then caused planetary scale event by raising my hands..... . Hmmmmmmmm.

After that move....., rather than waking up here, everything went black...... . But I had to quickly get up as I witnessed a crazed ghoul wielding a cyanide / or strychnine filled syringe ......crashing down at me. I ran, avoiding the crazed ' " 'deathday' 'party' " ' 'announcing' entity, as I also found myself noting a changing and unstable 'setting'.

Within moments.....I witnessed a 'death' 'spirits'....or even 'masked' 'dementors' (???).....floating about a gloomy and desolate urban setting.

I was actually quite relaxed as I spotted at the entities, so I slowed down to a walk.....and studied at em.

Listening at the entities, I heard at dudely voices.... . Seems I noted an entity from a 'faction' of the strange wraiths.....approach at me. The wraith had a 'toonish' voice? Did I observe an 'alliance' offer or some strange clan 'allegiance' offered by it? I dunno.... . I momentarily grabbed at it's mask / eyeless face......, studied at it for a moment, and then walked into a large and shadowy chateau that just seemed to "pop up".... .

Via my peripheral vision...I spotted at about 12 of the faction based entities follow at me, and I also noted the wraiths change into subanime cats, toon cats, and subanime Mongoloid ninja dudes.

As soon ws I ventured into the foyer the chateau, some type of dimension event took place... . I specifically recall suddenly spotting at a 'high' 'anime' (minimum) XX chromosome type....during the rift event.

Other stuff, stuff that is like a vortex of sights, sounds, and images took place after that......, but if I typed everything in detail, I'd be typing for hours.

Me? I need to get my data processing levels up if I am to interpret future events like those described above.



Tags: mana, nanotherapy results, news, prophecy, prophecy proof, reality manipulation, solar storm, space weather
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