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Time For An Objectively Done Situational Assessment....... / Physiognomy Update

Trigger Warning: this post is not intended for mortals / NPC's. I going to go full-on in this post, and no mortal was ***EVER*** meant to know nor find information like this. Only here will you find information like this, arcane and hidden information that goes hand in hand with my environmental manipulation abilities.

Yea. I strive for absolute difference.....from a sadist, or one blinded by rage.

Me right now? I can see that a single hypothetical h*rricane, even if it was of wind speeds beyond 250mph, is not going to do it.... . Nor is the past trend of a single storm making landfall...every other week or month (or every other year). Lest it comes to a point where there are XXXXXVII *PERMANENTLY* *PRESENT* h*rricanes making simultaneous landfalls worldwide......, I need to keep my attention focused on training.....and hold doing the kind of extensive coverage that was done during the last hypercane..... . Indeed (*nods*), for I note mankind is NOT going to learn anything from proof, demonstrations, and facts.... . (*Perceives a pair of floating and glowing blue eyes*). (Did I not learn that lesson from the tsunami events?). There is no way to reason with an irrational and illogical opponent....... . Maybe I was still projecting on some level, and that as recent as a week ago (*cringe*) (*feels my fingernails glowing in shock*). Maybe that is (also) why *ALL* of my events have been.....so little, so anemic, ....and sparse in frequency. K, time to move on to the next post segment.


I think I too....used to (and perhaps still do) hold back in regard to summoned / materialized planetary / cosmic events due to a desire (*feels my stomach lurch in fear*) to not be 'suicidal'. I did not want to be 'crazy', and a 'danger' to...myself..... . I have even stated such openly in the past....? Well, though I understand the sentiment, I must testify now.....that such was stated in the both the depths amnesiac confusion......, and grave education issues....... . Actually, as recent as noting 2006 / 2007, an event took place whereby I was stuck, and that....seemingly in *THIS* world, under a massive slab of rock.....as the landscape was overrun with magma...... . I was in my blonde-haired form that featured the globular hair buns.....(*pauses back and thinks*)......., and that...me....was worried and even scared....(*facepalms*) about *AIR* availability (*facepalms*). Had an asteroid storm touched down beforehand??? I don't know, but the landscape above the massive slab.......was covered in gray ash.

Well, I'm going to address the "air availability concerns" issue right now....... . Hyperdimensional bodies are different. They can even survive in the depths of space.....just fine. Provided I am *not* one of Jehovah's weapon-based XX chromosome type facsimiles....., my ***ACTUAL*** body would hopefully be able to, via a gender related means (*coughs*)...., *generate* all of the minerals.....(such as Pl*tinum na*oparticles, S*lver n*noparticles, G*ld nan*particles)....as well as the air.....needed to maintain ***baseline*** functions necessary for survival...... . Indeed, both generate, and circulate the necessary load....through my bloodstream.... .

There is no way (much like with a sufficient thigh gap, laterally wider-than-waist hips, menstruation free status, and a round bouncy bottom) to reconstruct or "reverse engineer" what I am talking about from XX chromosome types..... . (And actually, the survival features I am describing.....are directly related / linked to the anatomical features listed in the above sentence).

Hmmmm. Now that I have learned that this world is fluid, and that this particular "layer" of existence relates to thoughtforms (regarding what is "real" anyway), I probably already have experienced plantary disassembly events..multiple times, ...but only *rewinded* everything.......multiple times on account of intense survival worries.

Hopefully this post, too, will be uploaded to the brain of that blonde who was under the rocks.......(*sighs*). Yea.....that (understandably) naive (*rubs my brow*) kid........ .

Yea.....I don't 'diss' those anime XX chromosome type 'Scout' 'facsimiles'' 'bodies'....'for' 'fun', it's a matter of survival......to discern at fatal flaws.

A being that can freely manipulate reality / whole environments......needs a body that can "keep up"...... . That means having multiple brains, and a host of other anatomical / physiological features......necessary for ***SURVIVAL***...... . Indeed, a body that can generate air, generate nutrients, generate minerals........ . That, too, is what ***ACTUAL*** gender entails. That godawful 'birth', 'ovulation', 'menstruation', and 'sp*rm' nonsense....is stuff that a spiteful Jehovah 'made' 'up'........ . His XX and XY chromosome types are genderless..........., genderless and burdened with unhygienic and hopelessly dysfunctional pseudoorgans.

My survival (AND *ABILITIES*) depended on me accepting neither....XY nor XX chromosome......types as myself (unlike that fatally crippled and pitiful Finky), and seeking true liberation through the truth........ .
Tags: anatomy, introspection, matter generation, physiognomy, physiology, situational awareness
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